Bobbi Ladder Teak Outdoor Bookcase

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The Bobbi Ladder Teak Outdoor Bookcase is a stunning piece of furniture that is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your indoor or outdoor living space. Crafted from reclaimed teak, this bookcase is not only beautiful, but it is also environmentally friendly, as it gives new life to old materials. The use of teak makes this bookcase ideal for outdoor use, as it is naturally resistant to weathering and decay. This means that you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of this bookcase in your garden, patio or terrace without worrying about it getting damaged over time. Additionally, the teak wood has a warm and rich hue that will add a natural and organic element to any outdoor space.

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TW Cover

Bobbi Ladder Teak Outdoor Bookcase Cover (Iron Grey)

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Wholesale Price: $270.00
Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions W 25.5 x D 15 x H 71.75 in

Orders ship in approx. 2 weeks; this does not include orders that require cushion production. All orders ship in entirety.

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