Reclaimed Teak Furniture

With Teak Warehouse being an organic company originating from New Zealand, the introduction of reclaimed teak was well overdue. We were all so ready for this fantastic exploration of this natural exotic material. We did see this coming 20 years ago, with the teak roots for consoles and coffee tables being salvaged from the rivers and forests, these were very old pieces. With reclaimed teak becoming more popular and in demand, the search for reclaimed teak wood merchants in Indonesia was a priority, this was needed so our factories could cut and make furniture. This was not an easy task.

During our travels we already had lots of contacts and introductions because of our exploring around Indonesia. Ever since the early nineties we met and knew craftsmen and families who we became close to, these friends would help us on our way to finding the best and most reclaimed wood for making furniture. From these introductions and loyalties we met two amazing European manufactures that came to us from these contacts and that is all we needed, referrals to the biggest and the best. This definitely sounds like us because we love referrals.

This is where reclaimed teak for Teak Warehouse began. For the natural organic look and feel, Teak Warehouse has been the leader in organic teak furniture pieces. For the furniture design of these pieces, we used the gifted Belgium and Dutch designers to produce all our designs, the end result of our reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is totally stunning.

At Teak Warehouse we have been very successful with our clever teak pieces from the teak root ranges including coffee tables and side tables to the gorgeous Belgium and Dutch designed deep seating groups and dining sets.These stunning reclaimed teak dining tables with beautifully crafted teak chairs are expertly designed. We also carry reclaimed teak relaxing chairs with outdoor fabrics from Italy and Neptune™ fabrics.

Compare our prices, quality and designs before you purchase, as all the work we have done in the past years. You are purchasing straight from the manufacturer. Direct to your patio or garden. All of our pieces are fully assembled. All cushioning as shown on deep seating is included in the pricing. To sneak a further look, see our showroom video link at the top of the page. This is to show you inside the most successful outdoor furniture company with in stock and fully assembled outdoor furniture. We offer the best quality, best price, the best most knowledgeable customer service there is. Why go elsewhere?