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Teak Warehouse is the leader in a-grade teak furniture in the USA. since 1999. We have sold a-grade teak dining tables, a-grade teak side tables, and a-grade teak coffee tables. A-grade teak is a stunning material for outdoor furniture. It makes luxurious furniture that will last.

There a many grades of teak starting at the top as grade-a teak to the lower level of c-grade teak. The difference in this is that outdoor a-grade teak is pure, very dense in grain, pure honey color with no black veins or holes in the wood. A-grade teak is from the middle of the bark of the teak tree whereas B and C grades are to the outer edge and the very sappy middle of the teak trunk. A-grade outdoor teak has the most strength of all grades and this is why it is used in the marine industry for powerful yachts and marinas. This is exactly why we use it for our dining tables.

For the dining outdoor furniture world, a-grade teak is called the prince of all woods because it is most expensive and most stunning. Teak Warehouse has a grand collection of teak dining tables that come in all sizes. We offer fixed, folding, and extension styles including tables that seat two people or to seat twelve people. We have a-grade teak tables that are round, rectangle, square or oval.

Some of our extension tables have a double extension, this allows for the middle part of the table to be fixed and not move to support the umbrella if needed, or used.

A-grade teak tables are maintained by using a marine sealer from a professional marine store as maintenance. If you require to keep the natural honey color then this is the way to go however, if you decide a gray patina is the organic look you want then the table should be left outside with no application applied. Wash with a solution of simple green and water often or when needed and this will keep your table clean while it is going toward it natural gray color. When caring for a-grade teak tables, remember to treat it like a car left outside or your veranda or front porch, these need to be washed and cared for often. At Teak Warehouse there is the largest selection of a-grade teak tables for you to choose from. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with any questions. Call or email us today.

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