Powder-Coated and Galvanized Metals Care

CLICK TO SHOP FOR OUTDOOR FURNITURECLEANING POWDER-COATED ALUMINUM OR STEELTo clean powder-coated aluminum or steel, often you only need to wipe down the product with a soft cloth and water (or even just a damp, soft cloth).


Powder-Coating is durable, but you should not use abrasive cleaners because you can create ugly striations and scuff marks in the powder-coating. Because Polyester is soft, these marks can be created even with semi soft abrasive cleaners. Aggressive cleaning should not be necessary. You can hose down large volume dirt or mud or other outdoor debris, prior to wiping with a soft cloth. Cleaned this way, Powder-coating will remain a durable and beautiful finish for many years.

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The above cleaning instructions are quite similar and in most cases with suffice for galvanized steel too.

Caring for steel that has been galvanized is very similar to that of powder-coated steel. You should completely avoid all abrasive cleaners and instead use only mild soap, water and a soft cloth to clean. We recommend drying with a soft cloth also, after cleaning to ensure your furniture doesn’t retain hard water spots, etc.

Galvanized steel is covered in a thin coating of zinc material that inhibits rust and corrosion. It can also patina beautifully into a lead grey color over a long period of time. If you treat your galvanized steel furniture with normal care and handling, you should never have any worry about the finish on the steel parts.