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ArsTela’s distinctive feature is textures. Based in Latvia, a tiny country in northern Europe well known for its artisan achievements and weaving of fine high-end yarns.ArsTela only works with yarns and materials from the well known manufacturers.They pay a lot of attention to their quality and design and only purchase raw yarns from Italy.They use linen yarns, silk fibers from the Italian Prada collection, along many other countries supplying them such as New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Europe the Baltics with linen silk mohair, alpaca, cashmere and wool.

The weaving is done in various yarn combinations of soft yarns, of plain and course fibers, to create a natural, luxurious or dense texture, which is specific only for hand-operated machines to make our exclusive throws.

Not only are they innovative textile designers whoweave on-hand looms, but also their is a post treatment on each and every product which is extravagant and amazing, each article is washed and softened, starched, milled or hand ironed to ensure an excellent quality, this allows for a specific grace in the draping.

These textiles are 2-10 times denser and are heavier than textiles produced by industrial methods.

They make all items on an individual basis. For example one bed cover or throw requires nearly a whole entire day of manual work. Therefore all pieces of throws need to be numbered as to how many could be made from the yarns they had on hand. You could be looking at 1 of 4 or 1 of 8 only.Therefore giving total uniqueness and exclusivity.

We invite you to visit us and to see this unique label of stunning exclusive and beautiful throws.  Perfect for an exquisite gift, or the perfect finishing touch to your home décor.

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