About Plastic Furniture (Polycarbonate and Polyethylene)

We now carry a collection of polycarbonate and polypropylene-resin pieces – all with UV inhibitors, perfect for the outdoor environment. These models are styled after classic mid-century designs and are ideal for residential and commercial outdoor settings.

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Polycarbonate Resin

Polycarbonate resin (PC resin) is a type of thermoplastic component used in the manufacturing of certain plastics. While the specific attributes of each resin differs according to its exact composition and extraction method, each is synthesized via catalyst from monomers called hydrocarbons, in a process known as condensation polymerization. The monomers used to produce polycarbonate resin differ from other types in that they contain amino, alcohol, or carboxylic acid functional groups. The chain reaction results in a covalent bond of one carbon atom bonded to three oxygen atoms, with small water molecules being displaced to yield a final polymer of high density and impact strength. These properties make polycarbonate resin suitable for manufacturing a wide variety of products that require exceptional stress and heat resistance, like outdoor furniture exposed to extreme elements.

Polypropylene Resin

Also known as PP resin, Polypropylene resin is a synthetic polymer that can be used to create a wide range of products. This polymer is made from a combination of propylene and other materials that in decades past were considered to be waste material. Since the development of polypropylene resin during the middle of the 20th century, the resin has been used to make such diverse products as upholstery for car seats and home furnishings.

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