Teak Warehouse Staff Picks for 2021

The familiar feelings that greet you when you cross the threshold of your home are unique and personal to each inhabitant. The comfort and security, the precise knowing that you are in your element is unrivaled in their effects. As our homes are foundational aspects of our lives they possess a power unlike anything else. There’s meaning in an intentional space and it’s ability to set the tone for the everyday. As we move closer to the new year we naturally think about goals and changes we desire to make in our lives as we continue to self improve and get better with each passing year. In this post, we seek out our top picks by our staff for 2021, with the hope of introducing something inspiring, something to reflect our current life, and things that keep us grounded.

Coast Aluminum White Outdoor Sectional Sofa
Coast Aluminum White Outdoor Collection

Exterior Space #1: Lounge Suite

Having a central area in your exterior creates a strong focal point and works to set the tone of the space. Oversized proportions, formidable materials, and concise aesthetic execution work in tandem for a balanced outdoor living room. Classic colors like modern neutrals, are versatile, and have a proven longevity that remains stylish and sophisticated. Sectional sofas like the Coast Aluminum Sectional Collection or the Westside Collection that features a white sofa and relaxing chairs offer incredible versatility that are easy to build upon. If you prefer something that is constructed from organic, natural materials but remains neutral in tone, the Scott Collection offers a subtle approach that can paired with a wooden side table and is made from rope and reclaimed teak wood that’s soft and inviting.

Exterior Space #2: Bar Space

Urban Rope Outdoor Counter Height Stool
Urban Rope Counter Height Stool in Blend Fog

One could argue that as of late we’ve been short on socializing opportunities and after a prolonged period of time you start to look for solutions. An outdoor bar has been a source of inspiration for this year and likely to continue in 2021. This type of area allows you to safely gather at home with those close to you. Using a bar set like the Raw Concrete Counter Bar Height Table and the Urban Counter Stools offers linear design elements that are sophisticated and casual. These bar table and bar chairs are great for hosting guests or to enjoy an evening cocktail with your loved one.

Exterior Space #3: Outdoor Dining Room

Sutherland Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Chair Set
Sutherland Outdoor Teak and Rope Dining Table and Chairs







Spider black rope dining chair
Spider Dining Chairs

Al fresco dining is usually reserved for the warmer months, but given our current circumstances, outdoor dining has become a normal pastime for many. Having an outdoor dining space for 2021 seems almost essential and is a safe way for guests to visit. Choosing a table set with plenty of space and comfort are top priorities. Consider a set like the Sutherland Dining Table and Dining Chairs (above) that offers a cohesive style and a modern design that feels rooted in tradition. Eased edges and tapered angles allow the details to define the set. If something more contemporary is more suitable for your space, a table like the Frankfurt Dining Table paired with the Spider Dining Chairs (right) makes a bold statement and works to anchor the space. Using light colored flatware and dinnerware will make the set standout and provides an intriguing contrast.

Remember to keep additional seating options, like director’s chairs or stackable dining chairs, for an influx of company but that can be easily stored when not in use.

Exterior Space #4: Accents

cleopatra teak bench
Cleopatra Teak Outdoor Bench

For 2021, people are seeking versatility and multifunctional pieces. Having extra counter space and seating are a top priority for many homeowners. A stylish way to incorporate these necessities is to choose pieces that can double in their uses. Outdoor benches like the Cleopatra Bench has an ornate design that looks like an intricate carving from a bygone era and can be used as a decorative piece for items to be displayed upon or for its intended use as seating in your outdoor living room or a dining bench for an alternative to a traditional dining chair. Brining in ottomans or poufs are playful accents that add to the décor while also providing seating. The Donut Relaxing Poufs have an organic feel with wrapped wicker that’s textured and strong. A coffee table in a contrasting material like pairing the Tom Wicker Coffee Table with the Westside Collection offers balance and a shapely appeal to the space.

Our homes offer a gratifying constant that let’s us feel comforted and at peace. Creating a space that welcomes you in and allows you to indulge in whatever suits you provides true joy and happiness. Teak Warehouse knows the importance of home and is committed to providing quality pieces for you and your home. There’s no place that’s more important. Teak Warehouse has over 25 years experience in serving local communities with quality materials and craftsmanship of luxury outdoor and sheltered furnishings for residential and commercial spaces. All of our deep seating collections come with performance fabric Neptune™ cushions that are perfectly matched to each pieces specific dimensions. All pieces are readily available and can be delivered quickly to your home so there are minimal wait times. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom, please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your 2021 outdoor space today!


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