Modern Style For an Outdoor Space

The subjectivity of style allows us to express ourselves through succinct and meaningful approaches and when the subject is the home, modern modifications can collectively transform a space. A beautifully updated outdoor living arrangement can inject a stagnant space with updates that modernize it into a functional and livable place to spend time. A contemporary outdoor lounge space and an elegantly modern dining area can work to breath new life into an exterior.

In this post we explore how to curate stylish, modern outdoor furniture, whether you’re starting from the beginning or working with an existing space.

Denis Outdoor Black Teak Dining Table


A marriage between traditional materials and modern design in a single color palette results in an aesthetically rewarding vision. A holistic attitude through monochromatic ideations finds balance and a restorative quality that looks effortlessly chic. The Denis Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Dining Table (left) makes a bold statement with its stained black wood and amply designed frame. Pairing the dining table with modern outdoor dining chairs like the Spider Outdoor Dining Stacking Chair crafts a refined and artful interpretation of what feels current. Trends towards bringing in natural elements along with subdued modern characteristics are feeling right for the moment. Playing to the need to connect with nature while embracing minimalistic contemporary elements.

Focus on using the interiors as an inspiration for the exterior as you can create a sense of continuity to keep the spaces connected and creating an easy flow between the rooms. Having a living room open out onto a deck or backyard could make an ideal place to arrange your outdoor dining space. This provides an easy path to access the kitchen and allows for more time with guests.

Coast Teak Deep Seating Collection


Defining modern design in current terms encourages a reimagining of what peoples spaces mean to them. In recent months our homes have become more than a place to rest. Socializing in our domestic spaces has naturally become more popular and the emphasis on livable, functional pieces has become essential to the design motif.

Woodrock Organic Teak Coffee Table

An outdoor living room created with sustainable materials are highly sought after right now. Focusing on pieces that can last for years, ones that make an emotional connection, and feel related to nature creates the current modern aesthetic. Contemporary lounge furniture like the Coast Deep Seating Collection (above) is perhaps the most versatile, available in grade-a teak wood or powder-coated aluminum, this teak outdoor sectional sofa has a clean profile, classic lines, and generous dimensions that will create the foundation for an outdoor living room.  Pairing teak wood with a dark and textured accent like the Poppi Outdoor Coffee Table is made from sustainable synthetic wicker fibers woven in a breathable fashion helps break up the neutral tones for contrast in the lounge space. Powder-coated aluminum makes a bold statement that works best when inviting in some textured accents. Pair it along with pieces like the Woodrock Coffee Table (right) or the Crossword Organic Teak Side Table to mix materials that creates a balanced, modern space.

Modern spaces seem to be more reflective of a state of mind rather than any strict set of design guidelines at the moment. Our lifestyles can heavily influence the way we want our homes to function and are playing a larger part in how we view home design. Seeking comfortable and happy places to gather in a modern yet lived-in aesthetic makes the home stylish and personalized. Teak Warehouse has a variety of style concepts focused on contemporary outdoor pieces for you to update and modernize your exterior space. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and our showroom is open by appointment only. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your modern outdoor space today!

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