Finding the Right Outdoor Dining Table

Undertaking the task of choosing an outdoor dining table can seem like an overwhelming affair if you’re not sure where to begin. Homes are much more personalized today than in previous decades and the variety available to homeowners can seem endless. You will want to choose a table that reflects your homes specific style while also considering size and use. If you have a small space but enjoy entertaining you would want to consider that detail when making your decision. However, once you begin your search you may find that there are many styles and designs you like and need help narrowing it down.

Tradition Outdoor Teak Dining Table Angle View
Tradition Teak Dining Table

Teak Warehouse has over 65 styles to choose from, whether you want a matching dining set or you find yourself gravitating towards a mixture of styles for something unique and unexpected, there’s something for every space. We are known for our gorgeous grade-a teak wood outdoor pieces that never go out of style, but carry a variety of other materials like ceramic, concrete, and powder-coated aluminum that can give your space a more contemporary look. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to approach your search for an outdoor dining table.


Angus Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Bistro Table LA Angle View
Angus Reclaimed Teak Bistro Table


Your dining table is going to act as the focal point of your exterior space so visually it will be important to make sure the table is proportionate, allowing the table to accentuate rather than overwhelm the space. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have 3 ft. of clearance on all sides of your table to comfortably accommodate seating and movement. You can measure your space to determine the dimensions that you can apply to the size of your outdoor dining table. If you have a larger space go for a large dining table like the Tradition Dining Table made completely from grade-a teak or something circular, if the spaces shape cannot support a rectilinear table, try a round outdoor dining table like the Holly Outdoor Concrete Dining Table. If you have a very small exterior, try a bistro style table, like the Angus Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Bistro Table or the ultra contemporary Verbena Concrete Café Table.


Copenhague Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Table Angle View
Copenhague Reclaimed Teak Dining Table


With each turn of a decade new trends and styles come and go giving us opportunities to make our homes extensions of who we are. Many homes from the beginning of the 20th century still stand today while making the variety of homes available to us an eclectic mix of style that has spanned over multiple decades of changing design modes. All great outdoor spaces have some semblance of an indoor space so matching the exterior with your interior is imperative in the cohesive landscape of your home. One latest addition to our arsenal of outdoor wood tables includes the Copenhague Reclaimed Teak Dining Table. The Copenhague is an earthy, robust rectangular dining table that brings a layer of organic depth and a woodsy approach to a space.


black and teak trestle tables
Hobson Teak and Aluminum Dining Table


Perhaps you want your outdoor space to serve as a main area to all of your entertaining endeavors or you prefer to create an intimate space for you and your family to enjoy evening meals or weekend brunches. Whatever your reason is this is something to keep in mind when designing your outdoor eating space. The Orgain Outdoor Dining Table is a favorite option for small spaces wanting a personal feeling where you can escape and connect with your loved ones. If you are a person who prefers to entertain, choosing a 10-person table like the Hobson Outdoor Dining Table is big enough for a large number of guests where everyone is invited to gather around. Consider using a bench on one side to create a communal aspect allowing more people to sit and mingle at the table.

Teak Warehouse knows the home is where memories are made. The things you put in your home becomes an undeniable part of the narrative as you recall summer days running around the yard then gathering at a grand dining table to share food and laughs. The space around you, absorbing the moments, while letting color, texture, and sound be markers of your story along the way. Start planning your outdoor dining space today. We have a style for every purpose and occasion. Visit our online catalog, call us at (800) 343-7707, or email us at [email protected] to create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

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