Outdoor Dining Sets, So Many Choices

Outdoor dining sets can act as the focal point of your outdoor gatherings with friends and family. From quiet summer nights to celebratory occasions the right outdoor patio furniture helps define these moments. Teak Warehouse has a wide selection of outdoor dining tables and chairs in a variety styles and materials that match with numerous style concepts and architectural designs. Let’s go through some of our best combinations for your exterior dining space.


Devon A Grade Teak Trestle Dining TableTRESTLE STYLE DINING TABLE

Among one of the oldest styles of dining tables, the trestle dining table originated in the Middle Ages for its ease of assembly and storage. Characterized as a long rectangular dining table supported by x-shaped legs called trestles. This reliable design is still popular today and continues to be a utilitarian furnishing that can be adapted to a variety of styles. The trestle dining table is grand in size and is good for large spaces, someone who frequently enjoys entertaining guests, or has a big family. A trestle table like the Devon Teak Outdoor Dining Table has a traditional appeal that’s timeless or for a contemporary setting the Illusion Outdoor Dining Table in all black makes a fitting fixture. Pair these tables with an appropriate counterpart like the James Outdoor Dining Arm Chair or the Olive Dining Side Chair.


Capri Teak Double Extension Dining TablePARSONS STYLE DINING TABLE

Created in the 1930’s at the Parsons School of Design, this modernist dining table features a square or rectangular table top where its 4 legs are even with creating a seamless transition from table top to legs. It was designed to go in contemporary and modern settings. The Rustic 4-Legged Outdoor Dining Table captures this design aesthetic then balanced by an earthy presence to tone it down. A more functional dining table is the extension dining table like the Capri Double Extension Dining Table that can comfortably and easily transform into a dining table for 8 people for those occasions when you are hosting guests. Add visual interest to these simple dining tables by pairing them with the Polly Dining Side Chair or the Tessa Rope Dining Chair in Espresso.


Holly Grey Round Outdoor Dining TablePEDESTAL STYLE DINING TABLE

This style of dining table was originally used as a side table that would go near a bed or relaxing chair in the 16th century. During the Victorian Era the pedestal tables started to become more common in peoples dining rooms that sometimes weren’t as grand as some are today, having a round table can help to maximize the space. These tables are characterized by their usually round shape with a singular leg in the middle for support. The Holly Outdoor Dining Table has a shapely figure that’s classic and clean. Add comfort to the space and pair the table with the Bianca Dining Chair for a warm luxury.



cafe folding chairs and table This quirky table started in the 1600’s in Paris with the arrival of their first bistro, Café Procope. These tables were originally designed with marble tops supported by an ornate metal base and were very small, just big enough for some beverages and a pastry. As the city developed, the cafes started serving patrons on their terraces, creating the image of the Parisian sidewalk cafes that we love to envision as the French culture. A folding dining table and folding dining chairs take a delicate approach to the bistro table and will bring a chic mood to your space. The Café Teak Folding Chairs and Café Teak Folding Table is a cohesive outdoor dining set for a balcony or garden nook.

Each home has its own style and feel to consider when choosing an outdoor dining set. Plan your space around how you best want to utilize it and allow for the way things live together; proportions, shape, and size to effortlessly come together. Browse our patio furniture online for options. If you have any questions about our outdoor furniture, please call us at (800) 343.7707 or email us at [email protected]. We are open 7 days a week so you can start planning your outdoor space today!



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