Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Family

Creating the right outdoor space for your family is going to look different depending on where you live, the size of your family, and how you use the space will have a significant impact on how you choose to organize your outdoor area. Teak Warehouse has a variety of outdoor patio furniture and outdoor accessories to keep you outdoor space casual and carefree for your whole family to enjoy.


If you enjoy grilling and taking moments to dine with your family outdoors, your patio dining set will be called upon to show up for the task. With a family it’s always nice to strike that balance between a modern yet lived-in aesthetic. We have a few options that work really well that are durable, easy to clean, and pieces that everyone enjoys the look and feel of.

Olive Wicker Dining Side ChairJimmy round dining table

Jimmy Dining Table + Olive Dining Chair

This round outdoor table works well for fostering conversations and can fit in homes that have limited outdoor space. The powder-coated table legs come in white and black and brings an interesting design element to your space. Pair the Jimmy Round Dining Table with the Olive Dining Chair that comes in white or black to pair it with the corresponding table legs for a cohesive color scheme.

black wicker and aluminum dining chairDevon A Grade Teak Trestle Dining Table

Devon Dining Table + Sydney Dining Chair

An outdoor trestle table like the Devon Teak Outdoor Dining Trestle Table is a great option for families. With the potential to have a fluctuating number of people and the impact of daily use this table is strong and ready to support a high volume of activity. A wicker chair in black like the Sydney Dining Chair blends well with this table as the rounded silhouette offers a counterbalance to the utilitarian table. The chairs are lightweight and easy to clean for easy maintenance giving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

 Rubber Rope Dining Arm ChairTyber Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Square Dining Table Angle View

Tyber Dining Table + Terri Dining Chair

This pairing keeps things youthful and subtly energizes the space. The Tyber Square Reclaimed Teak Dining Table is a square dining table for eight so when your kids have their friends over they can be easily accommodated. The Terri Dining Chair is made from UV treated rope that’s woven against a powder-coated frame makes a fun and cool design that pairs well with the organic teak wood.


A family with a backyard has the luxury of space and gives you the freedom to experiment with different accessories and furnishings for your leisure space. Kids can enjoy a space that’s conducive for playing and the adults can take advantage of the relaxing elements the space can offer. We outlined the essential components for the exterior leisure space that will make it family friendly.


Logan black sectional collection

Deep Seating: Our deep seatingpieces can help define your space by its shape and position in your yard. Deep seating sectionals like the Logan Sectional Collection is casual yet modern for an appropriate seating option for families.


Teak Floor TilesOutdoor Rugs + Teak Floor Tiles: Laying down a foundation using rugs or tiles can help domesticate your exterior. This can create a play friendly space that children can enjoy. Our Studio Outdoor Rugs are neutral toned to fit a variety of style concepts.

Square Aqua Poufs

Poufs + Ottomans: This alternative seating option is great for a family environment. The Studio Poufs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors that can add an enticing intrigue to your leisure space and invites kids to play.

Having an outdoor space where your whole family can benefit can be a challenge knowing what needs to go into the space. Once you get all the right furnishings for your space the daily enjoyment becomes invaluable to your daily life. We hope you can gain some inspiration from our suggestions so you can fully enjoy your backyard with your family. Teak Warehouse believes in delivering the best product to you home and all of our pieces are engineered for outdoor use, highly resistant to water damage or insect attacks and climate variations. Browse our online catalog and view our client page to see all the full list of clients or visit us in person at our outdoor furniture showroom. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and our knowledgeable staff is available for any questions about our outdoor furniture. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at (800) 343-7707 for all inquiries.


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