Outdoor Furniture for Restaurants and Cafes

Public spaces require a somewhat different approach than a residential space but many of the same tenants can be applied to both when determining how to decorate the space. For outdoor restaurant furniture there is a greater need for strong pieces that can support a high volume of people while also complementing the architecture and surrounding environment. Outdoor dining for restaurants, cafes, or resorts take a sophisticated approach to their decor and how the space is filled. Not all spaces are treated the same, let’s look at a few options for a commercial dining spaces.

Ibiza Sectional Furniture
Ibeza Teak Sectional


Cocktail hour should at times be enjoyed with a little opulence. Many hospitality spaces with outdoor restaurant seating will have an area dedicated to a lounge where drinks and appetizers can be enjoyed and where décor is the projection of light, design, and style that converge for an experience that feels rare. A grade-a teak sectional sofa confidently combines tradition and modernity that defines the space for guests. The versatile wood knows no restraint, and can adapt to a variety of style concepts. The Ibiza Sectional has a solid frame with deep seating appropriate for large spaces. For a contemporary space, the Westside Collection feels fresh, brightening up the area to provide a contrast to the surrounding environment.

Napa Reclaimed Teak Square Outdoor Table
Napa Teak Bistro Table


On occasion you get the chance to disconnect from your daily tasks and get the opportunity to indulge in some personal time. Make a trip to your favorite street café or hotel outdoor terrace where the sun is your companion, a crisp beverage your confidant, and a libertine novel to engage you in distraction; an alluring combination that should be spent in an equally chic space. An outdoor bistro table like The Napa Bistro Table and Polly Dining Side Chair is a bistro patio set that can really fill a space, place along the parameter of the space so the views that draw people in can be comfortably enjoyed. Another essential dining fixture is a grade-a teak table like the Nova Round Extension Table that has a place for an umbrella to go through its center for a cool outdoor table and chair combination. Combine with our classic Cannes Director Chair in Taupe that will give you the lavish experience you expect.

gray bar height table
Raw Concrete Bar Table


Alice Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Counter Height Bar Stool
Alice Teak Counter Stool

The bar area of an establishment is somewhat similar to the lounge space but completely different in terms of organizing the space. Bar tables and bar stools can work to draw you in and command attention. Bars are highly social atmospheres, designers can think about the rhythm of the room, indulging in a design principle that intrigues. Create a current that encourages exploration, the Raw Concrete Bar Table bathes in a cool grey presented as understated minimalism. The compact square shape is perfect for commercial spaces so you can fit a large number of the tables into the space to accommodate guests. The Alice Counter Stool is made from reclaimed teak and are backless for a casual dining option, honoring the natural elements. And truly no bar is complete without a swivel chair; the Loop Bar Chair has a modern design that’s toned down by the cool woven wicker for a well balanced bar chair.

Loop Wicker Swivel Bar Chair With Cushion
Loop Swivel Bar Chair

Teak Warehouse has served a variety of establishments in their design efforts to bring style, quality, and comfort to each individual space. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels are expected to bring you something out of the ordinary, a type of dream place to be experienced. Outdoor restaurant patio furniture is needed to fill their spaces with fixtures that will reflect this intention and bring you the experience you seek. Start planning for your commercial space and browse our outdoor furniture online to get inspired. We are open 7 days a week and our knowledgeable staff is available for any questions about our outdoor furniture and you can email us at [email protected] or call us at (800) 343-7707.

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