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Outdoor Dining Sets

Teak Warehouse is the premier provider of Dining Sets in the United States. More in-stock combinations and styles are available than any other single manufacturer. The spectacular portfolio of Outdoor Dining Tables and Dining Chairs that Teak Warehouse offers is deep with character, style and quality. The materials, construction techniques and designs are without competition, as the volume and quality of this furniture is available nowhere else at this price point.
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For High End Furniture, including Outdoor Dining Sets, Teak Warehouse is the perfect place to find what you want. From A-Grade Teak to Synthetic materials, to Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Raw Concrete Tables, Teak Warehouse offers the finest mix of styles and combinations available. All our outdoor furniture is priced at wholesale prices available to the public directly.

Experience all that Outdoor Dining has to offer with our beautiful functional Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining can be an amazing experience. With Teak Warehouse Outdoor Dining Sets, dining outdoors isn’t a chore; it’s a frequent and amazing experience. We offer the perfect choices to allow your personal style take center stage, where you can be sure that your guests will be enveloped in comfort and beauty, while spending quality time outdoors with each other. These beautiful pairings have been made with a conscious effort to assemble, beautiful and functional dining sets ready for ear round outdoor use. There are plenty of complementary dining sets available, but we also have gorgeous contrasting sets, that seek to provide a perfect outlet for those who want to tie in other elements of the space, or who prefer such contrast. Contrast and harmony is achieved through expert matching of materials and styles, where they just make sense on either end of the spectrum. Our materials shine relative to our competitor’s because we don’t cut corners or use cheap alternatives. We source the finest materials and use them hand-in-hand with the best construction techniques to produce outdoor furniture, like our Outdoor Dining Sets that has unmatched quality and beauty.
We proudly use high grade premium materials like electro polished 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel, instead of 304 Stainless. We use A-Grade Teak; a premium center cut teak, made from the timbers at the heart of properly and sustainably forested teak trees from Javanese Plantations. This is the absolute best quality teak available anywhere. We are judicious about sourcing our reclaimed and recycled teak so we can always ensure the best quality gets to you, the end user of our Outdoor Dining Furniture. We also utilize incredible synthetic materials like the gorgeous and easy to maintain synthetic outdoor sicker fibers we use in our modern dining chairs paired with our dining tables. We use Rehau® Viro® and Ecolene®, each a leader for their respective designs and palettes, each a premium manufacturer of high-density outdoor wicker fibers. Our outdoor wicker dining chairs and other accessories are beautiful, with natural looks and incredible weather resistance and durability characteristics. They are comfortable and tough, beautiful and easy to live with, often requiring the least amount of maintenance of any outdoor furniture, anywhere. We also use solid hardware and incredible traditional technique to produce our furniture, like stainless steel and solid brass hardware, machined or cast aluminum, and high end fittings for contact points. You need only use our furniture a single time to notice the incredible difference in quality. Our rock solid construction and designs are known the world over for durability, easy maintenance and great looks.
When we talk about being known the world over, we’re not taking that lightly, we have supplied countless global organizations with commercial furniture and we have sold to thousands of customers abroad who have placed our outdoor furniture, including our spectacular outdoor dining sets in destinations around the globe. Our designs and products have been featured everywhere from Europe and Asia, to the USA and South America, the Pacific Region and beyond. We enjoy excellent referral and word of mouth on our dining sets, because we build quality furniture; offer it at excellent prices and bring out the best in your design style, so you can really let your creative side shine. From our side chairs, which offer slim looks and small footprints for crowded spaces, to our resplendent and comfortable armchairs for dining, we offer the most options for your outdoor dining needs. Gorgeous, sprawling, Trestle dining tables to small bistro style tables and folding dining furniture.
Because we offer so many styles and choices, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor dining table and chairs, but you might even feel compelled to use them indoors. Some of our styles offer duality in purpose, meaning they can seamlessly fit in any space you desire. Remember though, the entire line of dining sets we offer is capable of being used outdoors year round, where you can expect all-weather performance and superior longevity compared to any other manufacturer. We understand what it takes to build something that will last, we’ve been doing it for more than two decades. Our Dining Set portfolio is built with everything you need in mind and we are confident you will find the perfect solution to your outdoor dining needs.

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