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Teak Benches and Outdoor Benches in a Variety of Premium Materials

Teak Benches are a perfect addition to your outdoor space, giving you a comfortable place to rest and reflect. Teak Warehouse offers a large portfolio of outdoor benches, in a variety of premium materials and built with a range of styles sure to offer you an excellent choice when deciding on your own style for your patio bench or garden bench.

We offer teak benches, concrete benches and stainless steel benches in all sizes, from single seat benches where space is at a premium, or where you might want a specific style, to larger dining benches, backless, with dimensions to match the standard dining sizes. We offer benches in 2, 3, 4 and 6 person sizes, but we build them with generous dimensions to allow you the most seating area for your needs. You’ll find our benches are built with comfortable details, beautiful designs and incredible materials – a perfect mix for your outdoor enjoyment.
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Enjoyment is a key word for our outdoor furniture, as we are focused on providing the most enjoyable experience for you in your outdoor space. Our outdoor benches are available with or without a back, and either, way, are built with quality components and made for use over many, many years. We’ve heard amazing stories of how our customers have enjoyed countless sunsets, numerous birthday celebrations and hundreds of interesting conversations seated on our garden benches or relaxing on our patio benches.

Garden Benches and Backless Benches, as well as a large portfolio of outdoor benches

We offer a range of styles in outdoor benches to compliment your unique style and meet your goals in your outdoor space. Trestle style benches offer a simple but functional design, with strength and stature. Paired with premium materials, you can find incredible examples like the teak benches with this trestle design, sure to keep your guests comfortable and your space stylish. We offer more contemporary and modern designs as well, with our concrete outdoor benches providing a beautiful contrast to green areas, with it’s gorgeous slate colored concrete. Made from a hybrid composite of concrete and glass fiber, our concrete benches give you the looks and solid construction of concrete, with half the weight. In areas, where maintenance is usually difficult (like marine environments, with the salt air), we often find our customers using the beautiful benches we offer, with some opting to use our stainless steel benches. We use 316 marine grade stainless steel and premium A-Grade teak to combine as a beautiful and solid mix perfect for harsh environments.

Because we offer all of our furniture pre assembled, finished to a fine finish, and quality checked to ensure that every piece is perfect, you get to use your outdoor bench as soon as it arrives. That means, once you’ve selected your favorite outdoor bench from our large selection, we can send the bench immediately. Using a white glove delivery service, you’ll receive your bench quickly, with expert care, no tools necessary, no difficult assembly instructions to decipher, and without worries that you’ll be disappointed with dings and scratches from careless bulk shipping services.

We know you want the best quality and the best looks for your outdoor furniture: we believe we can guarantee you get exactly what you want with our unique value added benefits. When you buy an outdoor bench from Teak Warehouse, you get an in-stock now guarantee, a fully assembled and white glove delivered product and the best pricing in the industry. We are the manufacturer and the seller of all of our products. That means you don’t have to pay on top of wholesale price, just to line the pockets of wholesalers and retailers. We offer our fine outdoor furniture, including gorgeous A-Grade Teak Furniture direct to you at the price a wholesaler would pay. The best value, the highest quality furniture, the lowest prices. That’s our promise to you. That’s why Teak Warehouse has been able to be so successful over the last two decades.

Our outdoor benches are a perfect example of the variety in our overall outdoor furniture portfolio. From the classically beautiful Lutyens Bench, which has been featured in gardens around the world for many decades, to the beautiful, monolithic and organic concrete outdoor benches we offer, that give you a unique and stylish way to incorporate seating in your garden or on your patio, without upsetting the style you’ve worked so hard to achieve. As perfect under an umbrella or in a beautiful sunny area in your yard as they are, among the green vines hugging the trellis outside of your manicured garden, our garden benches offer the perfect venue for nature lovers to enjoy a bit of the outdoors, without having to travel too far. A few steps outside your patio door, and you’ve found an ideal spot for morning coffee or an afternoon read. Regardless of which outdoor bench you’ve decided on, you will be able to rest easy, knowing you’ve just found a bench that will be around for many years helping you to create peaceful and memorable experiences in your outdoor space. From our famous teak benches, to the clean modern concrete benches to the stainless steel benches we offer, we’ve got a style that will make your space more enjoyable.

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