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We believe in customer service, security, trust and quality you can rely on.

Yes, we are live. We all work in house surrounded by all our gorgeous products that you see on our website. This means when you need more images we can email them to you in just a second. We excel on customer service, read our Client Reviews! We always make sure we go that extra mile. We are very qualified to give you all the information you will ever need. We have been established in the outdoor furniture industry since 1990. We sell more quality outdoor furniture than anyone in the USA. We offer more than 600 styles of product which is available to you today.The benefit in purchasing from Teak Warehouse is that you are able to see who you are doing business with.We are not a faceless internet company, nor do we employ offshore sales reps or people that have not worked physically with our products on a daily basis.

  • Eduardo Lora

  • Melody Senters

  • Greg Prohn

  • Nick Jahn

  • Marina De Laney

  • Brian Montoya

Meet Our Workshop Team!

We proudly build our furniture in the U.S.A. with imported wood.

The most unique occurrence that Teak Warehouse offers over and above any other seller of outdoor furniture is that all of our furniture is built or assembled here in the United States in our warehouse workshop. It is quality controlled on site, right in full view of the huge & beautiful showroom and our customers.

Customers who visit the showroom to purchase are fascinated by the work these men do. You can see your bench or table being built in front of your eyes while you wait for your special piece to take home.

On any day you can see these well-qualified men building outdoor furniture for our customers, designers and clients. After a quality check it is ready for the customer’s projects or private use. We are proud of our quality control as nothing leaves until it is perfect and we have the qualified team on site to do just that!

Another advantage is that we are very quick and have everything in stock. Everything on our site can be ordered immediately with no waiting whether you need large quantities or individual pieces. This experience is unheard of and we have done this since the beginning of our time.

And oh by the way if you have purchased from us and there has been an accident or a breakage, bring it in and we will absolutely fix and repair this for you at no charge.

Come and visit our workshop men and experience our uniqueness, quality care and difference for yourself.