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Valhalla Outdoor Wicker Collection (White Shell)

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Shown above: 1 East Side Table, 1 Valhalla Club Chair, and 1 Valhalla Loveseat.
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Wonderful whimsy has never been more contemporary. Get ready to enjoy ultimate relaxation in the amazing Valhalla Outdoor Wicker Collection. An outstanding blend of state of the art materials are coupled with a classic and stylish design that oozes elegance and luxury while still being welcoming and inherently cozy. The Valhalla Outdoor Collection is made up of just two key pieces; the amazing cushy 3 Seat Sofa and the Valhalla Club Chair, giving you the pieces to create a vast outdoor deep seating unit or just a piece or two to propel you into comfort! The wicker is a soft blend of light brown and white tones.

“By the way, did you know that our Sunbrella® cushions are included with the purchase of our Deep Seating products as shown on site? So no hidden charges, just another benefit from us to you. No one else does this! And all of our A-Grade Teak Deep Seating cushions are made in the U.S.A. Compare before you buy and you will be pleased you did.” -TW

Traditional and classic designs helped us form Valhalla into a timeless shape that everyone loves! Rounded edges are met with large surfaces of slender woven wicker, in a wide seating unit that is dressed with thick, bountiful Sunbrella® cushions.

Imagine your pergola, nestled in amongst the garden, waiting for the right pieces of outdoor furniture to make it a retreat to relax, rejuvenate and rejoice… Place the Valhalla Outdoor Wicker Sofa facing the garden, a gorgeous Valhalla Club Chair on either side with a beautiful coffee table out in front, such as our Havana Coffee Table for the greatest blend of wicker and wood. You’ll adore how welcoming and stylish this suite really is!

Our Valhalla Collection is built on a powder coated aluminum frame to protect it, keep it strong and you comfortable. It is then wound tightly with outdoor wicker, a polyethylene through-dyed material which does not melt, morph or change color outdoors while looking incredible. Finally, Sunbrella® cushions sit atop the seats to bring you optimum comfort and style. Sunbrella® is the best fabric for outdoor use, as it protected from most elements… this is a fabric you won’t see fade! And best of all, the cushions are free with purchase!

Teak Warehouse is proud to bring you the divine Valhalla Collection, to order yours today, call in, call up or email us – our sales staff are in store daily to help you find the best outdoor furniture for your space!

About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture from Teak Warehouse utilizes a synthetic outdoor wicker made from high end through-dyed, durable resins and textured to look exactly like natural fibers, while maintaining all the incredible benefits of synthetic outdoor wicker. Synthetic outdoor wicker is UV and weather resistant, lightweight; incredibly durable and looks amazing. It is also built to last many years. Teak Warehouse carries Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene® synthetic outdoor wicker. Each of these fibers features the same excellent benefits listed above.

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About Powder Coated Aluminum Furniture

Powder-coated aluminum is a durable, lightweight and good looking material for outdoor furniture. It utilizes lightweight and strong aluminum, which is powder-coated. The powder coating process creates a full exterior coating of durable polyester particles which adhere to the aluminum with an ionic charge and are then cured in an oven at higher temperature to ensure it is sealed in place. Powder-coating offers a physical barrier to corrosion, moisture and unevenness.

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About Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric Material

Sunbrella® is a beautiful, fade resistant, rot and mildew resistant UV protected fabric, fantastic for year round use outdoors. It’s a perfect match for the high-end products we produce. We use it to cover cushions for our different outdoor furniture collections and for our patio umbrellas. Sunbrella® has built an exceptional reputation throughout world. Click to find out more about Sunbrella® Fabric.

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How to Care for your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Caring for your synthetic outdoor wicker furniture from Teak Warehouse is simple. Synthetic outdoor wicker is exceptionally stable, durable and is through dyed and textured to maintain its looks. The three premium synthetic outdoor wicker fibers we use all have similar care instructions. To find specific information about care for your Teak Warehouse Furniture click below.

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How to Care for your Powder-Coated Aluminum Furniture

Because Powder-Coated Aluminum is a corrosion resistant material, there is very little care necessary. To keep your Powder-Coated Aluminum furniture looking great and offering the best resistance to the elements see our specific care instructions.

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How to Care for your Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric Material

Sunbrella® fabric is a fantastic fabric for outdoor use. It is able to keep its looks while offering a long-lasting integrity and is resistant to UV light, extreme temperature variances, moisture and mildew. Click to find out specific care information for Sunbrella® fabric.

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