Utah Carved Wood Side Table
Utah Carved Wood Side Table

Utah Swampwood Accent Table


The Utah Accent Table has a unique design that is eye catching and
definitely makes a statement. The carving of the wood is geometric,
yet organic and just seems to flow. The ridges and round shape along
with the thick chunky wood are a fantastic combination. The wood is
left natural and is distressed. The imperfections are what make it so
beautiful and original. It will suit many different styles of living
space. Add a natural and earthy vibe to your modern seating
collection, or go eclectic by pairing multiples together and topping
with home decor.

Please note that each table is unique and will vary slightly in color
and texture. If you have questions about purchasing and choosing your
Utah table don’t hesitate to call or email us today.

Swamp Wood
W13.8" x L13.8 x H15.7"
W35cm x L35cm x 40cm

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About Swamp Wood Furniture

Our unique range of very old pieces of swamp wood are an eclectic look for indoors or out. No piece is the same. The age of these can be over 40 years or more made from trunks of trees in the rivers and swamps in the Island of Java. Workers collect them for craftsmen to shape into our stools and side tables.

We think you will agree it’s so nice to be a little old and different.

How to Care for your Swamp Wood Furniture

Our Swamp stools and accent tables need very little care as they are naturally different and natural. Our advice is to watch over these where there is snow outdoors or warm fires indoors as the nature of these pieces is to open up and expand in the Hot/Very Cold environments.

So therefore clean by brushing the wood or use a soft vacuum to remove debris from these wonderful pieces. No finishing is required.

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