Studio Two Natural color outdoorRug
Studio Two Natural color outdoorRugtaupe patio rug

Studio Two Outdoor Rug (Taupe)

A versatile ability and straightforward design, the Studio Two Outdoor Rug in Taupe makes a subtle impact on your exterior space. Interwoven threads creates a checkered design that brings a textural quality to an outdoor living room. The soothing symmetry of this outdoor rug can be used in a variety of settings whether your space is traditional or contemporary.

The Studio Two Outdoor Rug has a minimalist design that won’t overwhelm the space. The rug is made from all weather friendly materials made for constant outdoor use. The woven polyethylene rope is UV treated to resist fading from the sun and can be used in commercial and residential spaces. This rug features three sizes in a medium thickness that is suitable for high traffic areas. Rotate your rug periodically for even wear.


Available in the following Sizes:

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