Reclaimed Teak Trestle Table and Wicker Dining Chairs
Reclaimed Teak Trestle Table and Wicker Dining ChairsTeak Trestle Table Closeupreclaimed teak trestle tabletrestle bench 94inpetra wicker armchair javaTeak Trestle Table Closeup Image

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Dining Set with Bench & 6 Petra Wicker Chairs


This dining set is perfect for outdoor dining for those who appreciate the classic country as well as rustic style.

The table in this set is our ever-popular 117″ trestle table that features chunky slabs of reclaimed teak to create the country look. We offer our longest trestle table in this outdoor dining set.

This table can fit 3 of our Petra side chairs comfortably in between the legs of the table. To seat even more, you are able to seat at least 4 on our wicker side chairs by utilizing the space outside of the legs of the table. We also include two Petra armchairs, for a total of six chairs with this set.

Outdoor Wicker, Reclaimed Teak

Our Petra chairs add style to any dining table they are paired to. This chair works extremely well with the trestle table in looks and comfort also height of the back. The chairs are made up of Viro® outdoor wicker, which is one of the main companies we use for our outdoor material which will not fade or crack in the heat The is one of a few brands of outdoor wicker material that is of the highest standard. Manufactured in Indonesia.

The cushions that comes with the Petra chairs are made from Neptune™ fabric, free of charge! We choose this Neptune™ fabric because of its dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing as well as being easy to clean and can weather the elements.

To continue with the country theme for this dining set, we are also including our reclaimed teak trestle bench. It has the same lines and construction style as the table. We include our longest trestle bench, which measures in at 114” long, almost a perfect match with the table.

In total, this dining set includes:

(1) One reclaimed teak trestle table
(1) One reclaimed teak trestle bench
(4) Four Petra side chairs
(2) Two Petra armchairs

About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture from Teak Warehouse utilizes a synthetic outdoor wicker made from high end through-dyed, durable resins and textured to look exactly like natural fibers, while maintaining all the incredible benefits of synthetic outdoor wicker. Synthetic outdoor wicker is UV and weather resistant, lightweight; incredibly durable and looks amazing. It is also built to last many years. Teak Warehouse carries Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene® synthetic outdoor wicker. Each of these fibers features the same excellent benefits listed above.

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About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed Teak from Teak Warehouse is beautiful and full of character. Reclaimed teak also has great looks, Loads of character, in high demand and becoming difficult to source. Recycled and reclaimed teak from Teak Warehouse is sourced from large format teak which allows us to create incredible unique pieces that have the character and beauty and inherent benefits of teak with reclaimed teak.

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How to Care for your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Caring for your synthetic outdoor wicker furniture from Teak Warehouse is simple. Synthetic outdoor wicker is exceptionally stable, durable and is through dyed and textured to maintain its looks. The three premium synthetic outdoor wicker fibers we use all have similar care instructions. To find specific information about care for your Teak Warehouse Furniture click below.

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How to Care for your Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Maintenance for reclaimed teak is to clean with simple green marine solution diluted as directed on the product, wash off to leave to air dry. Another method is to use a spray made with a few drops of household bleach in water on damp wood. Leave for 5-10 mins and softly hose off and let to air dry. To remove loose grime on a daily basis, use a soft, dry household brush.

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