Oasis Sectional Sofa

Oasis Rope Outdoor Furniture Collection (Coal)

Items are sold separately.
Shown above: 1 Oasis Outdoor Sectional Left Loveseat, 1 Oasis Outdoor Sectional Right Loveseat, 1 Oasis Outdoor Sectional Corner Chair, and 1 Oasis Outdoor Square Coffee Table.
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Define your space with modern serenity with the fantastic style of the Oasis Rope Outdoor Furniture Collection in chic coal.

A joyous collision of contemporary trends and traditional values, the Oasis Rope Furniture Collection exemplifies modern, urban relaxation. With 6 pieces that allow you to build a sectional haven in your very own space, the Oasis Collection features two Loveseats – a right and left, a Corner piece, Club Chair and two fabulous Coffee Tables in different sizes.

“By the way, did you know that our Neptune™ cushions are included with the purchase of our Deep Seating products as shown on site? So no hidden charges, just another benefit from us to you. No one else does this! And all of our A-Grade Teak Deep Seating cushions are made in the U.S.A. Compare before you buy and you will be pleased you did.” -TW

Prepare yourself to rest easy with the Oasis Rope Outdoor Furniture Collection with Coal Neptune™ cushions. The style is absolutely magnificent – wide seats are deep and offer plenty of comfort, the framework holds divine outdoor rope which is chic and fashionable. The construction is impeccable and the materials are luxurious as well as durable. The Oasis Collection features a fixed sofa and club chair as well as pieces that can make up a sectional sofa such as a corner chair, left loveseat, right loveseat, left sofa and right sofa. Configure it anyway you like to fit your space!

Imagine a lush garden full of your favorite plants, trees and ornaments. A paved courtyard is just waiting for a comforting, chic and relaxing refuge to lie out in on a languid afternoon, host fabulous casual dinner parties and enjoy the outdoors.

Why not set up two opposite Oasis Loveseats with an Oasis Corner for a fantastic open L shape? Place one the Square Oasis Coffee Table in the center of the space, and enjoy as the welcoming, calm, collected presence of a collection that fits like a glove.

The Oasis Rope Outdoor Collection is one of many sectional ranges available from Teak Warehouse. Peruse our website or visit us in store to uncover which suite best suits your sensibilities.

The Oasis Collection is a unique offering from a luxury furniture store. Call us today to order your pieces and transform the way you live in the open air!

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