Livingstone Raw Concrete Oval Planters

Go bold and make a statement in your outdoor space with the Livingstone Raw Concrete Planters, their massive size will inspire you to add beautiful flowers and greens to your outdoor space. Just imagine large succulents sprouting out or add color with a Bougainvillea tree dripping over the sides. The look will be stunning and dramatic. They will work in private yards or commercial areas. Frame an entryway or swimming pool, make a restaurant more inviting, a office courtyard more green, there are so many options to add living art to your space with these concrete planters.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The Livingstone Raw Concrete Planter is made of a concrete resin composite; this makes it strong, yet lighter than solid concrete. We suggest using an inner planter as a liner; this will prevent water lines from seeping through and changing the outer look. Raw concrete has a stunning look that is contemporary an elegant. The soft grey color lets the beauty of the flowers or greenery to be the star. We offer many different sizes and styles of garden planters and pots at Teak Warehouse so that you can finish the look of your outdoor living space.

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