Edition Aluminum and Teak Outdoor Dining Table

A stunning table, the Edition table is a perfect paring of powder-coated aluminum in sheet form, set on top of a beautiful teak wood base, built in a style that brings back design cues from the Art deco period and the mid century modern movement, comprising the best of both worlds.

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An Amazingly beautiful and modern Outdoor Dining Table

The flat slim aluminum tabletop features relief holes on the surface for stylish looks and pure functionality whether indoors or out. The teak wood frame is minimal and uses a tapered style to keep the look fresh and interesting, while still offering stability and light weight.

Available in a 94” and 78” length, the Edition table is a spectacular piece for indoor or outdoor use, and offers premium materials, incredible good looks and the ultimate in versatility.

A stable and beautiful dining table, the style of the Edition Outdoor Dining table is so functional and striking, you’ll probably be finding excuses to move this table to wherever the party is currently.

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