Cumi Teak Root Accent Table (Natural)

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A thing of beauty, this naturally styled, and minimally processed coffee table is a perfect piece of nature, showcased in nature’s best natural furniture material: teak. You get the realistic, unrefined looks and intricacies of the root system of the teak tree. This table is as close as it gets to a piece of furniture produced in nature and is processed only to enhance the usability, but doesn’t alter the incredible twists and turns of the source material. Gommaire has “produced” a masterpiece, by subtly shaping and finishing the roughest edges of the truly beautiful natural offering from the ground. The natural grey color is similar to a natural mild patina on teak wood.

Dimensions: W13.8″ x L17.7″ x H17.7″
W35cm x L45cm x H45cm

Please note that pieces are unique and different and each one will differ slightly in size.

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