Blok Concrete Round Side Table Large – Black


A timeless outdoor furniture accent table made of a concrete resin blend, the Blok Concrete Round Side Table with a black finish will blend in beautifully with most other types of outdoor furniture. Try it with A-grade or reclaimed teak, 316 stainless steel or wicker furniture and this side table will add character and functionality to your outdoor living environment.

The surface is smooth and this large model has a generous footprint of nearly 20 inches in diameter.

L19.7" x W19.7" x H19.7"
L 50 x W 50 x H 50 cm

About Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Teak Warehouse uses a high-quality, lightweight concrete and resin mix to make outdoor furniture with all the beauty and toughness of raw concrete, without the heavy weight. This outdoor furniture can be moved easily and has been reinforced to keep it looking amazing for many years.

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How to Care for your Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Concrete Furniture is by its nature, porous and natural. In order to keep your concrete furniture looking incredible for years, we recommend using a specific set of care guidelines. Click below to see these guidelines.

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