Outdoor Teak and Wood Chairs

Teak Warehouse is the industry leader in outdoor teak furniture in the United States. Since 1999 we have many styles of a-grade and reclaimed teak chairs. A-grade teak wood is a stunning material for long-lasting outdoor furniture and reclaimed teak is a more organic look.

Our outdoor teak wood is sustainable, planted in plantations to make sure that we are contributing to ecology friendly products and ensuring that we have quality control over the wood brought in.

In outdoor chairs, a-grade teak is called the prince of all woods because it is most expensive and most stunning. Teak Warehouse has a grand collection of outdoor teak chairs in all styles, sizes and shapes.

A-grade teak will arrive to you with a beautiful honey hue, this is the surface layer of the wood, and after some time outdoors, the patina will fade to a stunning silvery gray color. The wood will remain strong regardless of color change. Should you wish to keep your furniture golden, then you will need to research marine quality teak oils or sealants.

For the natural organic look and feel, Teak Warehouse has been the leader in organic reclaimed teak furniture pieces. For the furniture design of these pieces, we used the gifted Belgium and Dutch designers to produce all our designs, the end result of our reclaimed teak outdoor chairs are totally stunning.

When caring for outdoor teak furniture, remember to treat it like a car left outside or your veranda or front porch, these need to be washed and cared for often.

At Teak Warehouse there is the largest selection of outdoor teak furniture for you to choose from. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with any questions. Call or email us today.