Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric

We Love love love Neptune™ fabric! Teak Warehouse and our sister company Design Warehouse in New Zealand use only Neptune™ fabrics for our outdoor cushions. The reasons are so simple, it is simply the best outdoor material for cushions, umbrellas and more.

These Neptune™ fabrics have a superb history of being well behaved in the outdoor environments and lasting for years. The customers and vendors are happy with the quality and Neptune™ has performed stunningly well. Neptune™ has customer care on their site. This is the most valuable tool for family and friends, including small and large 4 legged friends. If you spill red wine, there is a recipe to show you how to clean this up. Dining spills are no problem just look at the detailed chart. There is a list and a remedy for all domestic accidents. Neptune™ is simply brilliant and we are grateful.

Teak Warehouse has always loved Neptune™ fabric. We are committed as one of the most established large outdoor furniture firms in the country, we feel we have a need to be authoritative on the subject of fabrics. From the beginning we stated with many other brands we had fading issues, tear issues and return issues. We are experts on what not to buy in outdoor fabrics.

Teak Warehouse outdoor umbrellas are made with Neptune™ fabric. We use Neptune™ fabric on our deep seating furniture, and any relaxing and dining chairs that have cushions. It is important that we use the best.

The Neptune™ family is worldwide. If our furniture is from Italy it is Neptune™ Italy. If it is from Belgium or France or Holland it is from Neptune™ Europe. For our New Zealand and Australian Market, it comes from New Zealand. Our resorts in the pacific islands also uses Neptune™ New Zealand.

We are thankful that Neptune™ is part of our furniture. Our customers and staff, always look forward to all the amazing developments happening with the new Neptune™ products. If you have more questions about Neptune™ fabrics and the furniture that we use it on, don’t hesitate to call us today. Or visit our showroom to get an up close look at the beauty of Neptune™.