It’s All About Outdoor Rope

We are always exploring new and innovative materials for making and constructing our outdoor furniture pieces. The materials must meet our high-quality standards for performance and style. And one of the most exciting new materials for durability, versatility, quality, and style is outdoor woven rope. It sounds simple, but it is anything but simple. The possibilities for the number of... Read More

Rope Furniture Closeups

The Orgain Bistro Table: Perfect for Intimate Moments and Small Spaces

The Bistro Table, famously known for its appearance on crowded Parisian sidewalks and intimate cafes, is both a chic and classically designed piece. One of our newest pieces, the Orgain Bistro Table mixes strong and durable materials, concrete and steel, to bring in an earthy and masculine element to an otherwise delicate design. The Orgain Bistro Table in black or... Read More

Orgain Table And Gazzoni Chairs

Create Your Sectional Sofa With The Gazzoni Collection

The Gazzoni Collection is considered one of our most versatile teak deep seating collections. The design of this collection is subtle yet intricate, made of reclaimed teak wood and rope to suggest an openness and earthy aesthetic. With its impressive structure and calming tones, we know this collection has the ability to transform any space, any time. Create the only... Read More

Gazzoni Teak And Rope Sectional Sofa

Create a Dining Set with your Personal “Vibe”

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Teak Warehouse is our ability to offer our customers the freedom to create their own dining set. There are no rules or restrictions. You don’t have to purchase a predetermined number of chairs for a particular table, and most importantly you can mix and match any table with... Read More

Vibe Concrete Dining Table With Sydney Dining Chairs

Meet The Polly Dining And Relaxing Chairs!

New styles and plenty of stock are always arriving at Teak Warehouse, and that is just two of the things that makes us so unique and well known. There is always a buzz of excitement in the showroom when the trucks arrive from the Distribution Center. The sales staff eagerly awaits, and the customers that walk through the door on those days can immediately feel the energy in the air. The arrival of the Polly Relaxing and Dining Chairs did not disappoint and we are thrilled to introduce these new designs to everyone. The Polly Relaxing and Dining Chairs have that look and style that makes them immediately attractive and has you wanting to learn about them as quickly as you can. They are fresh, contemporary and fun.

Polly Black Wicker Relaxing Chair

Learn about our African Safari Coffee Tables

Enrich the style of your outdoor or indoor living space with our one-of-a-kind African Safari Coffee Tables in three separate sizes. Inspired and reminiscent of African Milk Stools, these special coffee tables offer an organic and warm vibe.

African Safari Coffee Tables With Concrete Accessories

The Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

Gathering with friends and family around a dining table is an age-old tradition that never goes out of style. Some of the best conversations and stories are told around dining tables filled with amazing food and drink. And we all love those dinner parties that last late into the evening filled with laughter, and that’s how memories are made. You... Read More

Outdoor Dining Set