A New Year, A New Outdoor Space

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for us here at Teak Warehouse. It may seem unusual for an outdoor furniture store to be excited during the winter seasons, but for us the new year brings brand new designs, fresh styles, innovative materials and all new collections of outdoor furniture. The trucks with our overseas containers start... Read More

Teak Warehouse Distribution Center

Your Shopping Experience At Teak Warehouse

Looking to redesign your outdoor living space but you don’t know where to begin? It’s an exciting project to start and complete because the results are so rewarding! At Teak Warehouse we try to make it as easy as possible to make your backyard dreams come true. Our talented staff is ready to help and walk you through the process.... Read More

The Teak Warehouse Furniture Showroom

Designers Top 5 Most Sought After Pieces at Teak Warehouse

Styles in the outdoor furniture world change often just like they do in the world of fashion and indoor furniture, but there will always be the classic pieces that will stand the test of time. There are innovative new materials and building techniques for outdoor furniture; however, there will still be a place for the original and proven materials like... Read More

Title The Top 5 Most Sought After Pieces At Teak Warehouse

Why Designers Love Buying From Teak Warehouse

One of the things that we love about the business that we are in, is that it gives us the opportunity to work and collaborate with all types of clients including interior designers, landscape designers, architects, private residences, commercial clients and more. We can supply a small home, or a grand resort with exactly what they need. And when we... Read More

Teak Warehouse And Showroom

Teak Warehouse’s Top 5 Most Popular Furniture Collections

We began manufacturing outdoor furniture over 25 years ago it was our primary goal to bring the public the very best in quality, luxury, and style all at wholesale prices and fully assembled. Our journey began with A-Grade Teak and Outdoor Wicker furniture, the highest caliber materials for outdoor furniture. We quickly perfected the best designs and styles and those... Read More

Coast Teak Left And Right Daybeds

It’s All About Outdoor Rope

We are always exploring new and innovative materials for making and constructing our outdoor furniture pieces. The materials must meet our high-quality standards for performance and style. And one of the most exciting new materials for durability, versatility, quality, and style is outdoor woven rope. It sounds simple, but it is anything but simple. The possibilities for the number of... Read More

Rope Furniture Closeups

The Orgain Bistro Table: Perfect for Intimate Moments and Small Spaces

The Bistro Table, famously known for its appearance on crowded Parisian sidewalks and intimate cafes, is both a chic and classically designed piece. One of our newest pieces, the Orgain Bistro Table mixes strong and durable materials, concrete and steel, to bring in an earthy and masculine element to an otherwise delicate design. The Orgain Bistro Table in black or... Read More

Orgain Table And Gazzoni Chairs