Sunbrella® Cushion Available Colors

Inquire with our Sales Team for cushion lead times.

Please select a custom cushion color from our Sunbrella® range below. All cushions shown are included in the price for Teak Deep Seating products.

  • Brass 5484Sunbrella-Brass
  • Bay Brown 5432Sunbrella-Bay-Brown
  • Taupe 5461*Sunbrella-Taupe
  • Cork 5448Sunbrella-Cork
  • Fern 5487Sunbrella-Fern
  • Vellum 5498Sunbrella-Vellum
  • Cocoa 5425Sunbrella-Cocoa
  • Heather Beige 5476Sunbrella-Heather-Beige
  • Camel 5468Sunbrella-Camel
  • Teal 5456Sunbrella-Teal
  • Buttercup 5438Sunbrella-Buttercup
  • Sunflower 5457Sunbrella-Sunflower
  • Tuscan 5417Sunbrella-Tuscan
  • Glacier 5428Sunbrella-Glacier
  • Aruba 5416Sunbrella-Aruba
  • Jockey Red 5403Sunbrella-Jockey-Red
  • Burgundy 5436Sunbrella-Burgundy
  • Henna 5407Sunbrella-Henna
  • Terracotta 5440Sunbrella-Terracotta
  • Logo Red 5477Sunbrella-Logo-Red
  • Sapphire 5452Sunbrella-Sapphire
  • Pacific Blue 5401Sunbrella-Pacific-Blue
  • Charcoal 54048Canvas Charcoal
  • Canvas Black 5408Sunbrella-Canvas-Black
  • Raven Black 5471Raven Black

DISCLAIMER: Monitor and printer colors may vary.