About Rattan, Cane and Materials Suited for Indoor Furniture

If indoor materials are present in your furniture, default to the about/care instructions for the indoor materials. Do not use more aggressive care instructions. Teak Warehouse offers some items ideally suited for indoors or in fully shaded environments. These items often contain natural materials that are beautiful, durable and versatile, but which should not be used in extended direct sunlight or inclement weather conditions.

Rattan & Cane Furniture

We use sustainable and eco-friendly Rattan/Cane in some of our indoor chairs. The characteristics of natural Rattan and Cane make it a versatile and approachable material for furniture. While these materials themselves are certainly usable outdoors, we built these piece with the intention of using them only under full shade or indoors to ensure they maintain their great looks for a very long time. They are built to last and are durable and comfortable, but they are built specifically for those settings which include shade structures and interior spaces.

Often we incorporate other high-tech materials into pieces of furniture or whole ranges, but this inclusion does not guarantee that they are purpose-built (like most of our furniture) for the outdoor environment with all its varied weather and exposure to the elements. ALL products intended only for use indoors or under shade structures are noted throughout the site and they constitute only a very small portion of our product portfolio. Often times we just fell in love with a particular design or look, or material, and wanted to bring these products to our customers who might have a need for such indoor and shaded area furniture. These are fun and exciting pieces and we love them!

Click for Care Instructions for Sheltered and Indoor Furniture, Like Our Gorgeous Rattan and Cane Indoor Furniture

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