3 Benefits to Sectional Furniture in Your Outdoor Space

Sectional outdoor furniture is one of the most critical pieces of outdoor furnishings. These large, spacious, and comfortable fixtures offer an enjoyable ease to accommodate life in the most relaxing ways. Teak Warehouse has been serving designers and homeowners with sustainable and quality outdoor furnishings for over 25 years, offering a variety of patio furniture collections in various styles and designs. In this post we discuss the three major benefits of sectional patio furniture and how to apply these to your outdoor space.

Coast A-Grade Teak Sectional Sofa
The Coast Sectional Furniture Collection

BENEFIT #1: Customizable Outdoor Seating

Each space has unique dimensions and its’ own style concept that deserves to be dressed in tailored angles and bespoke details. The appeal of being able to select individual pieces and tonal composition without the hefty cost or long wait times of a customized finishing is both relieving and liberating.

Our most customizable sectional is the Coast Sectional Collection. It features 8 pieces that can be combined and arranged in any fashion, and is offered in a grade-a teak frame for the traditionalist, a powder-coated aluminum frame in white for a bright fixture that’s suitable for a casual coastal essence, or an all black finish for a demurely dramatic set that’s fitting for an ultra contemporary setting. Each variation comes outfitted in Neptune™ performance fabric cushions that resist moisture and color fading so you can enjoy your patio lounge furniture season after season. If you prefer a fully cohesive set, each sectional in the Coast Collection has a matching coffee table to tie your newly outdoor furnished outdoor living room together.


logan outdoor sectional with chaise lounge
The Logan Outdoor Sectional Collection

BENEFIT #2: Define and Domesticate

Due to the nature of outdoor furnishings’ priority to be weather resistant and damage adverse may at times lead to inattentiveness towards the aesthetics. But, when form and function collide there’s nothing more appealing to a professional designer or a design-minded homeowner. Fortunately, many of the exterior furnishings available have been expertly designed to mimic the look and feel of interior fixtures that adds a layer of domesticity to an exterior.

Although a sectional sofa is an imposing piece of furniture, it doesn’t have to dominate the whole design. Instead, use it to create definition in your exterior. The Logan Outdoor Sectional Collection brings a layer of casual living to define and domesticate an outdoor living room. It’s low profile, Ecolene® synthetic wicker frame, and Neptune™ cushions makes an ideal outdoor sofa. The collection features 4 modular pieces that can be configured to meet the spaces needs. This wicker sectional is a good option for smaller spaces as well as large spaces, as the materials and frame give it the ability to feel less bulky than some of the teak wood sectionals. Design a designated space to socialize by creating a u-shape that encourages gathering and conversation.


1240x500 cabo group
The Cabo Outdoor Sectional Collection

BENEFIT #3: Outdoor Entertainment

There’s an art to entertaining and even the most skillful of hosts can benefit from having the right space and furnishings for guests. The sofa sectional naturally draws people together without condition, putting guests at ease to relax and converse in complete comfort.

Extending your homes borders to include an exterior place for entertainment and hosting undoubtedly elevates the space. The Cabo Collection goes above and beyond in style, design, and comfort to support an entertainment space. This three-piece collection which can create an outdoor sectional couch, additionally offers a spacious club chair and coffee table to add to the design for plenty of seating space with media equipment like speakers and a TV to keep guests engaged. If your space has room, add an outdoor fire pit that brings the space a warm glow on cooler days and throughout the evenings.

Bringing items into the home that elevates the everyday allows us to use our homes to their fullest potential. Dining and lounging on a spacious and inviting sectional makes the space visually appealing while creating a space for pure enjoyment. Teak Warehouse offers a vast selection of well-crafted outdoor sectional sofas that provide the same aesthetic quality that fits with your existing décor and environment. All outdoor furniture pieces come fully assembled and available for delivery so there is minimal wait time so you can start enjoying your new exterior as soon as possible. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and open for showroom viewings by appointment. To request a quote, schedule an appointment, or need a question answered please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor space today!

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