Styles for 2021: Design Differences in Outdoor Furniture

As we begin to bridge the gap between 2020 and 2021 we look towards the impending horizon of the New Year with a sense of optimism encouraged by new possibilities and opportunities we find set out before us. Perhaps plans of travel, skills to practice, or novels to read might be among some of the things we wish to embark on. For those delegating their focus towards their living spaces, one might be considering changes or improvements as a way to bring a fresh and inspired mood to ones home space. As our homes have evolved into dynamic fixtures in our daily lives, taking on roles that previously were considered outside their normal function, we are reimagining how our spaces operate and support our individual lifestyles.

High design concepts prioritize structural and angular attributes that present a type of seriousness that’s sleek and sophisticated while translating like a contemporary work of art. Still a highly valued design trend in many respects yet when experts examine the current home design trends for residential interiors and exteriors they have noticed certain shared commonalities beginning to emerge. Due to the recent shift in our home lives, the leading elements that were considered of most importance included an emphasis on calming balanced environments, multifunctional spaces, a pull towards nature-inspired elements, and a desire for sustainability.

In this post we take a closer look at some of the newest relaxing chairs from Teak Warehouse and how they compare to prior years’ styles to illustrate the different changes in design modes.

Teak and Rope Relaxing Chair

Macintosh Outdoor Rope and Teak Relaxing Chair

One of our newest designer chairs, a Windsor style-relaxing chair captures what people are seeking in furniture fashion. A resurgence of traditional design elements that blends austerity and a toned down quality perfectly balances one another. Made from reclaimed teak wood, this sustainable fixture is durable and made to last decades, an investment that will add a warmth and comfort to the exterior. The soft muted tones bring in a layer of a natural, rustic inspired aesthetic that is seeing an increase in popularity with indoor-outdoor living. The Macintosh Outdoor Rope and Teak Relaxing Chair offers generous dimensions that feels warm and inviting, defining that lived-in mood. A stylistic departure, the Candice Outdoor Relaxing Chair is an artful and modern interpretation of midcentury modern design that’s dynamic and angular with tonal depth that brings in contemporary elements. Contrasting these styles one can see there’s a distinct difference yet both offer an elegance and refinement that work to elevate the ordinary.

Kava outdoor deck chair
Kava Outdoor Relaxing Chair

Kava Outdoor Teak and Rope Relaxing Chair

Linear design, hand woven rope, and organic materials juxtapose in an effortless relaxing chair that subtly brings together tradition and modernity. The Kava Outdoor Relaxing Chair offers bespoke details that mingles an old world charm and modern elements by utilizing tonal depth and soft cream colored cushions that feels soothing and calm, reflective of some of the newest colors for furniture. Looking at a chair like the Misa Outdoor Relaxing Chair, the silhouette and color make a definitive impact, offering smart shapes and clean lines in an architectural composition for a proportionately well-contrived fixture that offers a contrasting visual. The Kava Outdoor Relaxing Chair markedly defines balance and comfort to offer a gentle element of refined style to complement an exterior. Each piece embodies transformative qualities that create an alluring feature for exterior design. Pieces harkening to tradition while operating as versatile fixtures are highly appealing for our personal spaces that are more often used in multipurpose ways, as an option of convenience. An increased yearning for comfort has been influential in 2021 outdoor furniture trends as they offer quiet, soothing places to unwind.

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Style is subjective so no rule is set in stone and the most important thing is that any new furniture design works for the space and the individual. With the current reality it’s perfectly understandable that people would be gravitating towards cozy, lived-in, and pieces made with sustainable materials. The general tone of modern furniture design offers balanced pieces that feature a return to the basics that are lasting and don’t overcomplicate. Teak Warehouse takes a design minded approach to style to provide a variety of contemporary and classic style concepts that defines modern outdoor style. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for immediate delivery to reduce any wait time for your pieces to arrive. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your modern outdoor space today!

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