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Our social experiences as of late have taken quite a departure from what we’re accustomed to. The onset of sudden, unexpected changes has altered many aspects of our daily lives and has resulted in a significant change to how we socialize. As we continue onward the need to see those dear to us remains. Since we are naturally spending more time at home we find ourselves reimagining our homes function and how it could offer an alternative place to gather and socialize. Become a master of your social destiny with an artful approach to your domestic space. Creating a spacious outdoor bar area will draw people together and give you that much needed time with family and friends.

In this post we will review the best furniture for an outdoor bar and how to bring it all together.

Donald Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Counter Height Bar Table Angle View
Donald Counter Height Bar Table


To begin curating the perfect outdoor bar-like atmosphere, choosing a spacious bar table will be your initial task. One of our most substantially sized bar tables, the Donald Counter Height Bar Table, can accommodate up to 10 people and allows enough comfortable space between the chairs. This table is made from sustainable reclaimed teak wood that offers a rustic organic aesthetic for that casual lived-in mood. If you have a smaller space for your outdoor bar a classic grade-a teak bar table like the Square or Round Teak Outdoor Bar Table is a perfect choice and you can use them in multiples for a more spacious arrangement. Moreover, the Prima Teak Outdoor Bar Table is a foldable bar table that can be added when you have an influx of guests and then can be easily stored away when your guests depart.

As a rule of thumb, any table for dining or a bar table in this instance, needs at least 30 inches between the edge of a dining/bar table and an obstruction (wall). This will allow guests to move around comfortably.


Curve Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Bar Stool
Curve Reclaimed Teak Counter Stool
Jack Outdoor Reclaimed Teak and Wicker Counter Height Bar Chair (Natural) Angle View
Jack Reclaimed Teak & Wicker Counter Bar Chair

Comfortable seating is essential when you create a space with the purpose of entertaining. If you prefer bar chairs with a back, the Jack Reclaimed Teak & Wicker Counter Bar Chair and the Curve Counter Stool, both offer a soft seat and a sturdy back support that pairs flawlessly well with the Donald Counter Bar Table, above. For a contemporary approach to bar seating, mixing styles creates an effortless balance to the space. Consider a bar chair like the Nairobi Outdoor Bar Stools that keep cool and sophisticated demeanor and works to draw the eye in. Teak wood acts tonally like a neutral and when paired with a conventionally modern fixture they find their balance in this natural combination. Backless bar stools are a great option too and ideal for entertaining. The Maid Reclaimed Teak Bar Stool has that carefree, casual mood that encourages people to gather around. Teak Warehouse has a wide arrangement of bar stools for sale to fit a variety of style concepts.

For chair spacing, the general rule is that is your chair is the standard 18 inches wide a 6-inch space between the chairs is recommended and this will give guests plenty of room to move about.


Teak Serving Cart With Wheels
Teak Bar Cart
Handi Outdoor Aluminum Rectangle Tray in Charcoal
Handi Serving Tray

Bringing everything together with a few added accents will elevate your environment and give the space definition. Giving your guests a hospitable experience by bringing the most comfort to the space. The Round and Square Teak Bar Tables have a cut out for a market umbrella like the Dixon Neptune™ Umbrellas that come in both shapes to compliment the chosen shape of table. For example, for an outdoor table top round you would pair it with a round umbrella canopy. If you decide on a table without a cutout, the Mauritius Cantilever Umbrellas features an offset pole instead of a center pole so the canopy can hang suspended to protect your area without obstructing the configuration. Bring in a layer of domesticated pieces with outdoor serving trays. The Handi Serving Trays are made from powder-coated aluminum in black and gray in a rectangular or round shape. They can be used in their own or in multiples for a layered look.

As we traverse the unknown and do what we can to make our current reality manageable we get an opportunity to rethink the normal aspects of our lives. Having our day to day make such a sudden change can be strange at first but it is comforting to have the people that are close to you to remind us that we can still find harmony with the support of those we care about. Your home is a constant that should offer a sense of calming reprieve while offering a place for people to come gather and enjoy the company of others is essential to our wellbeing and is encouraged. Teak Warehouse knows the importance of home and wants to bring joy and comfort to your domestic space. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for immediate delivery to reduce any wait time for your pieces to arrive. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor bar space today!

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