Picking Patio Furniture for Your Balcony

Balconies seem to hold a special place in terms of outdoor spaces. There are elements of romance along with the slight feeling that gravity just might be an illusion while encouraging a gaze that allows the mind to wander. Designing your exterior space in the confines of a balcony you will want to keep a few things in mind. It’s important to view your balcony as an extension of you interior to inspire the tone of the space. Teak Warehouse sources outdoor furnishings that were engineered for optimal outdoor use. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can set up your balcony.

Teak Adirondack Chair
Classic Teak Adirondack Chair
Tokio Teak And Rope Lounge Chair
Tokio Teak Lounge Chair
black relaxing chair
Polly Wicker Relaxing Chair









Try avoiding pieces that are oversized so you don’t overcrowd the space. Wicker chairs can bring an element of nostalgia and tend to have a delicateness attached to them that can bring a subtle warmth in. The Polly Outdoor Wicker Relaxing Chairs are contemporary for modern spaces that need to keep the style cohesive. For something with an earthy bohemian tone the Tokio Teak Relaxing Chair is reminiscent of the classic teak Adirondack Chair, sitting low to the floor so you can sit back and enjoy your views.

Kent Street Low Coffee Table
Kent Street Low Coffee Table


Planning your space with the intention of having your outdoor furniture function as multi-use pieces will help to optimize the amount of available space you have. Utilizing low coffee tables and side tables that can be nested function well in smaller spaces. A low coffee table like our Kent Street Teak Coffee Table can act as intended and also double as a dining table for your alfresco meals. Nesting side tables are great for balconies as they can retract in a sense allowing you to make more or less space depending on the number of guests you have or activity you want to engage in. Opt for black side tables like the Benni Side Tables in low and tall for a convenient and stylish accent.


origami outdoor planter set (natural)
Origami Outdoor Patio Planter Set


Now that you have an idea of how your pieces on your balcony live together it’s time to add a few accents to unify the space. Balconies tend to be more common in urban metropolis areas and can lack an abundance of nature’s gifts. Placing planters like our Origami Wicker Planters adds a sense of connectivity with the natural world, filtering beauty into the space. Adding domestic elements to your balcony can bring in a warmth and coziness while defining the space. The Studio One Outdoor Rugs adds a foundation to build upon to elevate your outdoor area.

Whether you have an inner maximalist or you err on the side of minimalism, take your balcony in the direction best suited for your home. Allow the space to be part of your home and at the same time not, like you stepped into an alternate world where all can be forgotten, a piece of your own heaven. Teak Warehouse has pieces for all shapes and sizes of outdoor spaces. If you have questions or need help finding specific items, give us a call at 800.343.7707 or send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you design your balcony!

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