Creating an Outdoor Room with the Right Furniture

Home is not just what’s inside your four walls. Your exterior space is just as important as the interior, acting as an external projection of your inner world. A trend that has caught our attention and one we love because it’s completely predicated on one’s personal aesthetic and reflective of an individual’s home, is the domestication of your outdoor space. Fixtures you find in the home have made their way to the exterior and the result aims at bringing comfort and an inviting gesture to your exterior.

Teak Warehouse has a comprehensive selection of outdoor furnishings that have all the qualities of fixtures that you would find inside the home. All of our pieces are made from durable, long lasting materials, gorgeous color palettes, and comforting textures to create the perfect outdoor room. Let’s take a look at some ideas to domesticate your outdoor space.

Tyber Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Square Dining Table Angle View
Tyber Square Dining Table


Create a space that feels lived in, one that welcomes you in and invites you to find comfort in the space. Oversized chairs and a reclaimed teak dining table that effectively echoes nature confidently combines to bring a sense of layered comfort typically found inside the home. The Copenhague Reclaimed Teak Dining Tables paired with the James Dining Arm Chair takes a rustic approach; the neutral tones with the natural materials creates an ease and an appreciation for a calm aesthetic. Another outdoor dining combination that we agree has a similar essence is the Tyber Outdoor Dining Table paired with the Oliver Dining Side Chair expresses itself as a bit more modern yet still presents that lived-in mood. The angular square shape of the dining table juxtaposes the curvy sling style seating of the dining chair in a sharp black tone to contrast the space. The priority remains, as an experience, to create an exterior space that feels reflective of your spaces interior. Create a seamless whole where each room can flow into the next without restraint.


logan outdoor sectional with chaise lounge

Smart shapes and generous dimensions are qualities that can help achieve a domesticated outdoor living room. Putting in a deep seating sectional reflects the comforts found inside. Outdoor wicker sectionals like the Logan Sectional Collection brings a casual layer to your outdoor living space. Keeping things simple can be underestimated but when you do and you combine that with a controlled color palette, your sectional can carry your space from season to season. One of our grade-a teak sectionals, the Coast Sectional Collection, is a favorite because it straddles the line between tradition and modern design styles that can easily find its place among a variety of style concepts. This sectional also comes in a black or white powder-coated aluminum frame. The Neptune™ cushions that come with all of the deep seating pieces are available in a variety of colors so you can get the right match for your space.


Studio Two Natural color outdoor rug
Studio Outdoor Rug in Taupe
outdoor patio furniture - Studio Three Round Pouf
Round Studio Poufs in Aqua

It’s important to notice how things live together; playing with proportions, size, and shape can create an elegant harmony. These personal touches tend to really elevate a space and can tie everything together. Whether you prefer understated minimalism or a space decorated in ornate details you can achieve the “outdoor room” look. Our patio accessories range from lighting to area rugs that can bring your exterior some semblance of an interior. Using an outdoor area rug like the Studio Outdoor Rugs in the dining area or living space brings a layer of warmth that can provide a foundation. Utilizing outdoor ottomans as an alternative seating option can also helps to finish the look. The Studio Outdoor Poufs play with size, shape, and texture to contrast the surrounding fixtures. Each design detail will resonate throughout the space creating a cohesive flow from the interior to the exterior.

Creating a home is a personal experience, a reflection of your inner world that’s projected outward in your daily life. Teak Warehouse has a curated selection of outdoor furniture and accessories so you can find the right style for you and your home. Browse our online catalog or visit our outdoor furniture showroom in person. If you have any questions about our pieces please reach out to our staff who are available 7 days a week to assist you. Call us at (800) 343.7707 or email us at [email protected] to get started today!

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