A New Kind of Modernity: Modern Style for Outdoors

Modernity tends to get combined with terms like contemporary or minimalism; modes reserved for metropolis style concepts that evoke a strict visual framework. As we move further along in the current design landscape, it becomes clear that there’s a much broader definition, one that perhaps challenges the idea that something singular is taking place and finding a more expansive ideology around the definition. As we makes shifts into the new decade we begin to ponder, having retrospective thoughts about how far we’ve come while also thinking ahead to the future.

Embarking on a new decade can feel refreshing, eager to put plans into action, a chance to renew, and to make changes where necessary. This renewed attitude can impact many aspects of your life, including your home. One trend we have seen again and again is the idea of making your exterior equally as domesticated as your interior. We can begin to insert this idea into our home by curating a comfortable foundation and starting with an outdoor sectional that will bring a modern tone to your home. Teak Warehouse has a variety of sectionals in a variety of materials, colors, and textures that will suit many style concepts. Known for our grade-a teak sectionals, which truly never go out of style, we have included reclaimed teak, wicker and rope, and aluminum among our selection. Let’s take a look at a few sectionals that are certain to modernize your outdoor space.

Rope + Aluminum

This material mixture is overturned with modernity. Architectural lines, generous proportions and smart shapes appropriate combine for something visually impactful and comforting. The Washington Rope Sectional Collection takes on the calm tones of earthy browns with its oversized dimensions to create a keenly designed sectional. Made of three pieces; a sofa, a loveseat, and a club chair. To tie the whole look together there is a matching coffee table that can be arranged for a totally cohesively designed space.

Masello Teak Sectional Furniture Collection

Reclaimed Teak 

Modernity has become synonymous with urban, industrial style design that can appear void of warmth but in observing what people desire for in their space, you can definitely have both. People are gravitating towards pieces that feels lived in, that age beautifully over time, and that can create seamless transitions from one room to another. The Masello Sectional Collection can achieve that exterior domesticated look while bringing modern elements to your outdoor space. The aged teak wood is soft, creating a welcoming gesture to the space. Pair with similar neutral toned accents for a cohesive color scheme for a modern luxury.

Coast Aluminum Sectional Sofa With Accent Tables in black and grey


This is the contemporary side of modern design, a more familiar mode when thinking about brining modern elements to your space. The Coast Sectional Collection is one of the most popular sectionals because it’s versatile enough that you can truly make it your own and what will best fit your space. This aluminum collection is refined and sophisticated and comes in black and white, each making a significantly different impact on the space. The design is sleek but takes comfortability into account with its deep seating and plush Neptune™ cushions. 

It’s important for our spaces to serve us, supporting our movements from day to day and this is different for every home. Whatever modern means to you is how it should be implemented. Our hope is to provide you with a starting point if you’re considering an upgrade to your exterior space, but they are merely suggestions to facilitate. All of our outdoor furniture pieces are engineered for outdoor use to ensure longevity in each piece. Our deep seating sectionals all come with Neptune™ performance fabric cushions to bring unrivaled comfort to your exterior. The knowledgeable staff at Teak Warehouse are eager to help you in your venture and are available 7 days a week. Visit our showroom in person, call us at 800.343.7707, or email us at [email protected] to get started today. 

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