Style File: Relaxing Chairs + Accent Tables

Transformative elements are the result of experimentation with an exploration of different materials and modes of design. Mixing form, texture, and tone allows for variation and nuance that brings in layers of depth that’s unique to your home. Discovering pieces that work in your space while indulging in all your creative urges can inspire an exterior revamp. Inviting natural, raw materials in as part of your design aesthetic sets a formidable foundation to build upon.

Teak Warehouse has always had a focus on natural materials to compliment your outdoor space.  We have a long history with high-end outdoor furniture and are long time purveyors of grade-a teak wood and knows the importance that the quality of materials can make in your home. We are going to take a look at three relaxing chairs and accent table pairings, looking at how each one can make its best impact on your space.

Komodo + Dorsett

Komodo Black Rope Chair and Dorsett Accent TableJapanese minimalism meets nineteenth century English romanticism to define the Komodo Rope Relaxing Chair and Dorsett Accent Table duo. Two opposing modes of design that fully complement each other well in contemporary and traditional spaces alike. The Komodo Black Outdoor Chair is a sophisticated chair that features linear lines that are clean and sleek, reflective of the minimalism of Japanese design aesthetics. The Dorsett Accent Table feels moody with a romantic tone that takes you back in time to an era of ornate opulence exaggerated by the Victorian genre aesthetic disposition. This unlikely pairing blends together beautifully, adding a demurring and dramatic effect to your space.

Oliver + Sammy

Oliver Natural Weave Relaxing Chair and Sammy Teak Side TableCasually cool with an accent of sophistication makes this pairing hard to ignore. The spark between them feels magnetic, existing in harmony when they are together. There’s an innate easiness between the Oliver Relaxing Chair and Sammy Teak Side Table encouraging you to take a pause and indulge in an afternoon respite. Both pieces are curvy, expressed in fluid lines that compliment one another with grace. The simplicity of the Oliver Relaxing Chair has a calming effect that’s similar to the Sammy Teak Side Table in charcoal black, an accent that makes an impact but won’t overwhelm your exterior space. This set works perfectly in a variety of outdoor settings; whether you are in a coastal region with an oceanfront deck or near the mountains with a sprawling exterior, this set will find its home.

Nairobi + Oro

A feverish mash up of bohemian glamour and natural instincts, the Nairobi White Wicker Wing Chair and the Oro Organic Teak Accent Table defines balanced contrasts. Experimental sizes and texture emphasized by the rigorous shapes and gently curved silhouette takes nothing for granted. The bright white wicker weave with the glossy smooth textured finish of the relaxing chair is juxtaposed by the rigid, abstract aesthetic of the side table making an unusual pair that works effortlessly together. Place this duo on an airy deck or against a lush garden that will emphasize the texture and tones of this magnanimous pair.

Nairobi White Wicker Wing Chair and Oro Teak Root Accent Table

Each set of relaxing chair and accent table has its own personality and will make its mark in its specific way on your outdoor living space. Knowing your personal design style will make it easy when dressing your space. You can take into account the colors, texture, and material to determine the mood of your space and how you want to feel in it. Teak Warehouse has a knowledgeable staff that is available to help you at every turn in your exterior design journey. Browse our online furniture catalogue, call us at 800.343.7707, or email us at [email protected] to explore all our options for outdoor furniture and exterior design.


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