New Collection: Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional Collection

Being inspired by the past can take on a personal tone, allowing it to take effect, you encourage you to create something new. There’s a comforting quality attached to knowing that something with a long and rich history can help make connections in unexpected ways. Incorporating that sentiment as part of your design in your space can bring a sense of belonging and community, as it feels familiar and comfortable. Teak Warehouse understands the importance of creating a space with such an effect and we strive to bring you pieces to achieve that feeling.

One of our latest wicker deep seating collections, the Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional in Natural, takes a casual and organic attitude to outdoor living. This collection takes a modern approach to design with materials rooted in a rich history of design. The Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional features a 4-piece set that includes a corner chair, center chairsingle arm chair, and ottoman. Made of synthetic wicker woven in a checkered pattern in a neutral color palette, reflective of a linen fabric, and outfitted with performance fabric Neptune™ cushions in gray for superior outdoor comfort.

Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional Furniture pieces in Natural

Outdoor Rooms at Home

All homes are unique and have an individual set of needs. Perhaps you live in a metropolitan city and the living spaces are small or you live in a rural environment and you have an expansive palatial space. The Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional finds its moment in any setting. Each piece is sold separately so you can build exactly what you need for your space.

For smaller spaces consider creating an outdoor loveseat with two single arm chairs or a chaise lounge with the corner chair and ottoman. These configurations can be situated on a patio or airy deck. Accent your sectional with a teak accent table, keeping in the earthy aesthetic.

logan outdoor sectional with chaise loungeIn larger spaces you have more freedom to configure a sectional with more pieces allowing yourself to indulge all your creative urges. Consider making an L-shape sofa or if the space permits, a U-shape sectional. If you have a large family or are frequently entertaining guests, a Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional Set is the perfect choice. Create ambience in your space by adding an outdoor fire pit, throw pillows, and blankets for those cooler days. If your sectional area is exposed, considering including a cantilever umbrella for some comforting shade.

Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Lounges + Restaurants + Bars

To visit a space one expects ambiance and a welcoming gesture with a silently understood agreement that you’re there to craft conversations in an environment that fosters a dedication to convoy a pleasurable experience. Deep and wide seating, set semi low to the ground, and an uncomplicated composition of materials and design allows for an engaging and relaxed sectional. Spaces like outdoor bars, poolside lounges, and patio restaurants have a particular interest in collections such as the Logan Outdoor Wicker Black Sectional because they can feel confident in providing a space to their guests that achieve a space curated for your enjoyment.
Logan black sectional collection

Resorts + Hotels

Highly curated spaces such as hotels and resorts are steadfast in their efforts. Never missing an opportunity to create through what others may see as mere details but relates to the larger adage of how all parts can come together to create a unique and unparalleled experience. From the moment you step onto the property each defined moment has been created to give you a rich and luxurious experience. The lobby makes a grand first impression and the Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional takes center stage in lobbies and lounge spaces without overwhelming the space. Perhaps your suite has an extensive balcony or you have a private villa, this collection adds a subtle ambiance to your outdoors space while encouraging you to take advantage of your environment.

The Logan Outdoor Wicker Sectional is one of versatility and one that consistently delivers excellence by remaining modest. The relaxed blend of warm textures and modern design allows it to dictate the mood of the space of one of serenity and comfort. Each material is engineered for environmental resistance to climate factors maintaining its exceptional quality year after year. The collection features a natural color and a black version to fit a variety of color choices. A truly utilitarian set that adds visual interest while anchoring the space. Teak Warehouse is ready to assist you with all of your outdoor design needs. Our Los Angeles and San Diego showrooms are open 7 days a week for your inspiration and support for your next exterior project or browse online for our entire selection of in-stock outdoor furniture.

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