Circular Logic: Sammy + Yuma Teak Accent Tables

black round end tables - Sammy and Yuma

Accents and details, the seemingly minor elements of a space, are never to be overlooked. Each thoughtfully selected detail work to add layers to juxtapose the design and architecture within a space. Experimental colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and materials vie to attract, complement, or contrast the other elements for a cohesive whole.  With all those parameters to consider, one can imagine that for some it’s a practiced art form. Getting to this stage in the design process, is the point where taking a risk with your accents puts you in a position to express yourself, allowing the space to be an extension of you. It’s the exact place where you’ll want to indulge all your creative desires.

At Teak Warehouse we have an extensive collection of accents and décor pieces for your outdoor space. From contemporary to classic, we have all the aesthetic modes covered. As we continue to welcome in all of our new pieces there are a couple that are giving us a moment for pause. Accent tables have always held a coveted space in our design arsenal, as they really draw a space together. The Sammy and Yuma Teak Accent Tables fit the mold perfectly.

Dramatic + Bold = Contemporary

cool black side table - SammyThe Sammy and Yuma Teak Accent Tables are made from solid grade-a teak wood making them strong, solid pieces that make a graciously bold statement on your space. They feature a black stain that gives them a sophisticated and edgy look, a contemporary counterpart to many of our outdoor sectionals. The classic grade-a teak sectionals in all their simplistic aptitude are a true match for these side tables. The honey toned grade-a teak wood is a natural contrast to these side tables. Use them in multiples, scattering them about the sectional. Many of our dark hued wicker and rope deep seating collections look equally as stunning with the Sammy Teak Accent Table or Yuma Outdoor Teak Side Tables. The consistent color palette of charcoal, black, and muted browns takes on a moody and contemporary aesthetic that allows the space to draw you in with an intimate and calming gesture.

Indoor + Outdoor Tables

black circular side table - YumaAll of our pieces are made to be used outdoors, as we take careful measures to ensure all pieces will maintain their appearance year after year. But pieces like side tables, side chairs, and coffee tables are versatile and work inside the home just as much as they do in the exterior space. The Yuma and Sammy Teak Side Tables are designed in an organic shape and blend in wherever they are placed. They make a great option for a nightstand in the bedroom, placing one on each side of the bed for an organic and bohemian accent. Place several in a row near the entrance of your home like a sort of bench, creating a space to set your belongings down or a place to sit and remove your shoes. And just like how you would arrange them in your outdoor living space, the same method can be applied to the interior living space.

Unconventional Uses for Accent Tables

Allow these accent tables to take an unconventional approach to design. An interesting way to use these accent tables is that they can be used to display potted plants. Take a few of the Sammy and Yuma Teak Accent Tables and put a variety of different plants, perhaps some standing ones on the floor for a pleasing play of heights. You could do this at your front door or near your living space where natural light comes in. Our last unconventional way to use our these Teak Accent Tables is in the bathroom. Use one next to the shower for a place to set your towel or other items you don’t want to get damaged by the water. It’s a place to sit while you dry off and apply your favorite after shower lotion. It adds a comforting quality to your bathroom that feels relaxingly lavish.

The Sammy and Yuma Teak Accent Tables are pieces that offer a variety and are modest enough to transcend their intended use and versatile enough to work in numerous spaces. The natural teak wood is an echo from nature bringing these artful fixtures as something to celebrate that’s simple and pure. A gentle nod to a bohemian art deco mode that feels refined and accessible. Use these tables in a variety of settings and never let your space have a dull moment. Our staff at Teak Warehouse understands the importance of building a home around your style and what you want out of your space. Call us or visit us in person at one of our Southern California showrooms to start planning your outdoor space today.

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