Kuba Collection; The Perfect Proportion

Never overdone, considered understated with an unforgettable symmetry that goes beyond timeless. The Kuba Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection creates a standard that’s recognized for its simplicity and refined nature. This classic deep seating furniture collection is more than just an outdoor sectional; it creates a space where you will gather with friends and family, creating memories, it serves as an extension of you and your home, and becomes an important fixture in your daily life. The sacred space that is your dwelling deserves to have furniture in it that represent how you want your home to feel, how you want it to nurture you, and to be a place that you are able to share with loved ones.Kuba Teak Outdoor Sofa And Club Chairs

At Teak Warehouse, we have been long time purveyors of grade-a teak wood. We recognize the beauty, structural quality, and its classic nature that sets it apart. Teak is an incredibly stable wood; it has a high rubber and oil content that allows it to repel water that makes it virtually immune to rotting. This highly valued wood is the premier choice in shipbuilding and furniture making. It naturally resists insects so the wood incurs no damage from pests. We only source sustainably harvested grade-a teak wood that aligns with our environmentally safe standards. Each piece is crafted of the highest quality and ensures the stability of the furniture that you can enjoy for a lifetime. The Kuba Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection is a direct reflection of our mission to provide the best quality in outdoor teak furniture. This deep seating collection is fully cohesive to provide you with all the pieces one needs to decorate their outdoor space. Each piece comes separately giving you total freedom to create the space that’s right for you. Our Kuba Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection has all the elements of a timeless and classic style; we break down all the ways that this collection can be used and our favorite ways to style this one of a kind collection.

The Kuba Club Chairs come in two different styles, giving you options depending on your design goals. The armless club chair is slender and balanced by its box-like proportions makes for a great option for compact spaces. The club chair with arms has a wider frame due to the design of the arms but maintains the same aesthetic quality. There are endless ways to style these club chairs, yet some décor decisions tend to make more of an impact on a space than others. The Kuba Armless Club Chair finds its match placed around an outdoor fire pit, for precious evenings spent under the stars. This piece can be easily added or subtracted to accommodate a fluctuating numbeKuba Center Sectional Chair WIthout Armsr of guests. The armless club chair also makes a great accent piece to any of the sofas in the collection, as they will not overwhelm the space. The Kuba Teak Club Chair with arms takes up more space than its armless counterpart but remains elegant and timeless. These chairs are capable of anchoring a space on their own with a commanding presence. Use them in a square formation of four to create an intimate area to gather or use on a balcony with a delicate metal accent table as a separator and a place to set down a delicious beverage and book.

The Kuba Loveseat and the Kuba Outdoor Sofa are the largest pieces in the collection while making the biggest impact on your exterior. A loveseat is smaller than a sofa and our Kuba loveseat comfortably seats two people while the sofa can accommodate three. Larger spaces will want to include the sofa or loveseat in their exterior space. Homes with designated outdoor living rooms will benefit from an outdoor sofa or loveseat. If the space permits use a loveseat and sofa together and use throw pillows and throw blankets for added comfort and accents that are unique to your home.

Kuba Teak Outdoor Loveseat

Residential spaces are intimate and are an extension of who we are yet other spaces want to make us feel all the comforts and luxury in a similar way. Places like resorts, boutique hotels, spas, and restaurants exist to be a welcoming invite to those who are traveling, want to enjoy a beautifully prepared meal, or just need some rest and relaxation outside their home. The Kuba Collection is certainly well versed in luxury and comfort. Commercial spaces need such pieces to create an environment that’s there to accommodate your needs, a place that engages the senses, and provides an inviting gesture to visitors.

The Kuba Collection is a fully cohesive collection that allows you to decorate your space from start to finish. The accents of this collection include an ottoman and a coffee table. If you prefer a uniform set you have that option or you can mix and match pieces from other collections if you prefer something more eclectic. The teak outdoor ottoman is a multi-use piece; depending on how you decide to style your exterior space the ottoman can play many different roles. Pairing the ottoman with one of the armless club chairs allows you to create a chaise lounge, or place a couple together in the center space of the furniture to act as a coffee table, placing a serving tray on top to hold accouterments, this set up can also provide extra seating space for guests, or use it for its intended use as a comfortable place to rest your feet. The Kuba Coffee Table is another accent piece for the collection that will neatly bring your space together. It has a classic clean design that can work in many spaces. Placing two together for an extended coffee looks great placed in front of an L-shaped configuration between the loveseat and sofa, giving your space an elegant aesthetic.

The final piece of the Kuba Collection is probably the most glamorous piece in the collection, the Kuba Grade-A Teak Sun Lounger. Take a relaxing pause and let the day fade over you as you enjoy the peaceful luxury of the Kuba Sun Lounger. Regardless if you have a pool the Sun Lounger makes a strong impact on your space. The Kuba Sun Lounger is designed with the same box-like proportions seen throughout the collection. The rectangular box Kuba A Grade Teak Sun Loungershape that supports the lounger is set low to the ground for a truly casual feel yet enjoys the pristine status of a luxury piece. The frame conceals hidden wheels that make moving the lounger convenient when needed. The adjustable back gives you several lounge options as well as laying down flat. The Kuba Sun Lounger allows you to get swept away in dreams of a paradise destination, giving you a moment to enjoy a deeply relaxing day outdoors. Pair with a chic side table for an interesting accent or if the space permits pair with a cantilever umbrella for some shade on those extra hot sunny days.

The Kuba Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection is one of those collections that genuinely makes one proud to have it included in their exterior space. Aside from how well designed and crafted it is, the collection tends to make a meaningful impact on a space. It fosters connection and creates a space for you to enjoy time outside and spend time with the people in your life. More than just a deep seating collection, it can truly transform an outdoor space. Each piece of the collection comes with performance fabric Neptune™ cushions, these cushions are engineered for outdoor use to bring you premium comfort to your collection. The color is up to you and whatever works best for your exterior. Make your Kuba Outdoor Collection unique. The knowledgeable staff at Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you in all your outdoor design needs. Visit us in person at our showroom, call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected] to get started designing your space today!


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