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Nairobi Pure Relaxing Chairs Outside

It’s the type of chair that adjoins a space with a playful pause and enlivens with an energetic enigma. The sleek silhouette and organic style of woven wicker begs a coolness that shutters in light of the bohemian gaze. The Nairobi Collection feels inspired by an exotic location, an indigenous representation that is strong yet unimposing. The Nairobi Chairs are available in a dining chair, relaxing chair, and barstool and look great with many of our other collections like grade-a teak wood and concrete. The carefree nuances of the Nairobi Chairs introduce a fresh perspective while understanding the importance of keeping it light.

Lending to the vision of the Nairobi Chairs it is fitting to know that each one is made in Indonesia, a natural habitat for such pieces. The Nairobi Collection is made from Ecolene® Wicker which is an outdoor fiber that is made of a polyethylene material. This type of wicker is highly resistant to different temperatures, cracking and corrosion. Specific to Ecolene® is that it is characteristically color-bright with an even consistency throughout the weave. The Nairobi is available in two different weaves and three colors. The Nairobi Pure Wicker Chairs have a tight horizontal weave that feels strong and hard and comes in a moss color and black while the Nairobi Outdoor Wicker Chairs have a vertical looser weave that’s smooth, flexible, and comes in black and white. Both chairs are supported by a powder-coated steel frame that also fairs well in a variety of weather conditions and acts as a solid support for the woven material. The Ecolene® Wicker is highly popular due to its certification for being eco-friendly with an impressive green footprint. The chairs require very low maintenance; and with proper use they are known to resist moisture and discoloring from the sun. Keep them clean from dirt and debris and they will continue to look fantastic. The Nairobi line has exceptional versatility, these chairs have the ability to look great in both indoors and outdoors, and effortlessly exceed expectation by surpassing individuals design needs with superior form and functionality.

The mixture of material coupled with the earthy hues provide strength without a sense of overwhelming affect. It strikes a clever balance, molding naturally with the surrounding elements bringing forth an upbeat mood that elicits a lively dwelling that’s inviting to guests. This accessible environment creates a beautiful juxtaposition to the classical counterparts we so adoringly match together. The dining chairs look sophisticated and casual at the same time when placed around the Hunter Reclaimed Teak Dining Table, with its rustic appeal and the Nairobi’s peregrine demeanor this eclectic pair will undoubtedly evoke pleasure into the communal space. For something modern and industrial, our square concrete dining tables offer a hyper contrast that works in an effortless way to capture a simple sensibility with a masculine mood.

The Nairobi Wing Chair offers drama, while its more subtle counterpart, the Nairobi Relaxing Chair takes a quieter approach to a space. Nevertheless, each brings its own unique influence while far surpassing the slightest hint of notability. Accent the deep seating collections with the Nairobi Chairs for versatility and expression. Any of the teak deep seating collections become instantly revived, the Nairobi Wing Chair has a deep curved seat and tall back creating an impressive accent to the space that acts as an adjacent muse to the material of teak wood. The Coast Deep Seating Collection has a ton of pieces that gives unlimited options where one can engage with their creative urges.

Nairobi Pure Wicker Dining Chairs

Let the uninhibited and delicate mood of the Nairobi Chairs into your space with an uncharted openness. It’s a piece that has the ability to welcome guests to indulge in conversations and encourages a personal connection. Piece together a space that is an expression of a unique style while being inspired by a nostalgic art form that blends without error in the modern atmosphere a sense of romance and reprieve. At Teak Warehouse we have a knowledgeable staff team that can assist you with putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right Nairobi Chair for your personal vision. Browse our online catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Request a quote online today or call 800.343.7707, or email us at [email protected].




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