The Orgain Bistro Table: Perfect for Intimate Moments and Small Spaces

Orgain Table And Gazzoni Chairs

The Bistro Table, famously known for its appearance on crowded Parisian sidewalks and intimate cafes, is both a chic and classically designed piece. One of our newest pieces, the Orgain Bistro Table mixes strong and durable materials, concrete and steel, to bring in an earthy and masculine element to an otherwise delicate design. The Orgain Bistro Table in black or white has a sleek and modern design with its rounded tabletop and tulip shaped base.

Perhaps you have a quiet garden or an intimate kitchen nook that needs some pieces to bring it all together. The Orgain Bistro Table is such a unique and authentic table that will create a place for you to gather. One where you can be with your partner discussing life over a home cooked meal or sharing coffee with friends. The Orgain Bistro Table is wonderful on its own but would not be complete without its obvious counterpart; the dining chair. We have carefully chosen three options, depending on your design goals that would fit a variety of design needs.


  • Gazzoni Reclaimed Teak Dining Arm Chair The combination of the teak wood and rope from the chair paired with the bistro table is a truly harmonious pair that may not be what you expected. The rustic elements of the Gazzoni Dining Chair matched with the modern Orgain Bistro Table is a design risk that will not be regretted. We love this chair with the Black Orgain Bistro Table.
  • Polly Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair The sleek and simple design of the Polly Wicker Dining Chair, in size and depth, is the perfect match for the Orgain Bistro Table. The chairs are without arms and won’t overcrowd your table. These chairs also come on black and white so you can juxtapose the colors or go with a monochromatic look.
  • Caloco Outdoor Dining Chair The Caloco Dining Chair will give the Orgain Bistro Table an exceptional contemporary edge. With its wire framed back and sleigh style legs, this chair adds an abstract element to a classic design. The delicate frame won’t overcrowd your table so whether you choose to put a couple or several chairs around the table, it’s sure to be a unique look.


The Bistro Table is a classic and we are excited to offer it in concrete and steel while matching it with unexpected materials like teak for a unique set that is specific to each person’s design aesthetics. We love helping people create their own unique spaces. Call or email us today, we are open seven days a week!


Orgain Bistro Table Polly Dining Chair

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