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We are always exploring new and innovative materials for making and constructing our outdoor furniture pieces. The materials must meet our high-quality standards for performance and style. And one of the most exciting new materials for durability, versatility, quality, and style is outdoor woven rope. It sounds simple, but it is anything but simple. The possibilities for the number of looks, textures, colors, thickness, and application are endless! We are excited for the pieces we currently offer, and of course, the new pieces that we will be creating and providing our clients for the new season.

The rope that we use in our furniture designs has been engineered to be strong and durable for outdoor use. The fibers are made with polypropylene which has many qualities that make it perfect for outdoor use including that it is fade resistant. Learn more about our outdoor rope furniture.

Furniture that features rope as a significant design element can be modern, industrial, mid-century, traditional, classic, retro, elegant, chic, and the list goes on. Each style features a different rope; it can be thick and chunky or sleek and shiny. Some have more texture and color, while others are more subtle. Not only is the design and look of the rope amazing, but the way in which it is applied to the furniture is also absolutely exquisite. It can be braided, crocheted, woven like macramé, twisted and looped around the frame. We offer rope furniture with either an aluminum, teak, or steel frame. The design and construction of these pieces features intricate work and expert craftsmanship.

It’s hard to choose a favorite design in our rope collections, but some of the most popular collections are Bianca, Washington, Fontana, Oasis, and Brazil. There is a style to suit any preference. Along with Deep Seating Rope furniture, we also offer relaxing chairs, dining chairs, bar stool and yes, even accent tables. And you can be confident that we will continue to explore and introduce new designs that are fresh and on trend.

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