Meet The Polly Dining And Relaxing Chairs!

Polly Black Wicker Relaxing Chair

New styles and plenty of stock are always arriving at Teak Warehouse, and that is just two of the things that makes us so unique and well known. There is always a buzz of excitement in the showroom when the trucks arrive from the Distribution Center. The sales staff eagerly awaits, and the customers that walk through the door on those days can immediately feel the energy in the air. The arrival of the Polly Relaxing and Dining Chairs did not disappoint and we are thrilled to introduce these new designs to everyone.

The Polly Relaxing and Dining Chairs have that look and style that makes them immediately attractive and has you wanting to learn about them as quickly as you can. They are fresh, contemporary and fun.

The Relaxing Chair offers a low and welcoming seat that you can slide back into and feel at ease. It has a wide seat that is airy and does not restrict you. The curved back and seat have a whimsical feel, but the design and structure keep it polished and smart. Choose from either striking black wicker or a more summery white weave. Either are fantastic choices to add inviting seating to your outdoor or even your indoor living space. They are sleek and have that look and feel that allows you to put them in an ultra-modern space or a fun relaxed space that eclectic. Pair with a low wicker, teak, or concrete side table for the perfect space to chill and chat.

Polly Outdoor Dining Chairs With Round Dining Table

We love the look of the Polly Relaxing Chair so much that we needed to offer it as a dining chair as well! It has the same appealing shape and design, but is obviously taller for dining height and still keeps the sleek look. Both chairs are armless, this allows you to slide it under many tables and you can even fit more around a table for those big celebrations.

The Polly Chairs are made with a powder coated steel frame. You can feel the quality in the weight. These are strong chairs which is a must for outdoor furniture. The frames are wrapped with a tight wicker weave. This wicker has been engineered to be strong and durable. It has a smooth and glossy finish that makes it easy to sit on and keeps it looking good for many years. These chairs are easy to clean and will look amazing with proper care.

Create an outdoor living space that you want to use as often as the weather allows. Get excited to host parties, and share your home and welcome guests. It is easy to do this when you love your outdoor furniture and it is made with high-quality materials. At Teak Warehouse we offer hundreds and hundreds of styles! Continue to enjoy browsing our website. We showcase everything online as well as in our showroom. We are open daily and always look forward to hearing from you!

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