Create Your Sectional Sofa With The Gazzoni Collection

Gazzoni Teak And Rope Sectional Sofa
The Gazzoni Collection is considered one of our most versatile teak deep seating collections. The design of this collection is subtle yet intricate, made of reclaimed teak wood and rope to suggest an openness and earthy aesthetic. With its impressive structure and calming tones, we know this collection has the ability to transform any space, any time. Create the only outdoor space you will need, the space you and your loved ones can make memories to look back on with joy.

The pieces in the Gazzoni Furniture Collection truly have a standout quality that we believe set us apart. The diligence taken towards the design and qualities of materials we utilize are carefully chosen. Reclaimed teak is such a unique material to build with because of its tone and texture. The reclaimed teak in this collection creates a type of frame while the backing and seating are made out of tightly woven rope. The layered rope paired with the wood gives the Gazzoni Collection the perfect detail. As true purveyors of comfort, each of our collections come with the cushions that you see pictured. Our partner Neptune™, provides exceptional textiles to our pieces. They are comfortable and completely suited for the outdoors.

Gazzoni Teak And Rope Sectional Center Chairs

It’s pure magic how versatile the Gazzoni Sectional Collection is, and whether you need to fill a large space or an intimate one, you have the ability to use as many or as little pieces that fit your specific needs and style. Each piece can stand-alone or be made into one large sectional sofa. Thankfully we have a team that can assist you in all your design needs and can help you figure out what’s right for you. We know that your home is an extension of you and we want to help you make your space into whatever you desire.

It’s easy to imagine all the memories you can make with the Gazzoni Collection. With thoughts of backyard BBQ’s and late night star gazing, take your space to the next level. Talk one on one to a team member today and ask how you can discover your ideal outdoor space. Let your memories start building with your uniquely curated space!

Gazzoni Teak And Rope Furniture Collection Closeup

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