Create a Dining Set with your Personal “Vibe”

Vibe Concrete Dining Table With Sydney Dining Chairs

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Teak Warehouse is our ability to offer our customers the freedom to create their own dining set. There are no rules or restrictions. You don’t have to purchase a predetermined number of chairs for a particular table, and most importantly you can mix and match any table with any chair, we encourage it! Yes, you can even be daring and buy mismatched chairs! This means that you can get exactly what you need to fit your space and satisfy your style.

We want to inspire you to create an outdoor dining space that you crave to use, and gets you excited to host many dinner parties for your friends and families. Whether you like a traditional setting or desire an ultra modern set, we know we have the options for you.

One of our newest outdoor dining tables is called Vibe. And yes, just like the name implies it has a vibe, one that is cool, modern, and sleek. It has a stunning look that is soft and elegant but also eye-catching and striking.

It is molded and constructed with a blend of fiberglass and concrete. It has a strong heavy weight that will keep it solidly in place. The smooth oval tabletop and the two carved pedestals come together to create a dining table that has a presence like a sculpted work of art. The overall color is a soft and dreamy white, like powder, but when you get close you can see small color variations of grey hues. All these little details make it so interesting and unique.

We have chosen to show off the gorgeous design of the Vibe Dining Table by placing two Sydney black wicker dining chairs on either end. The striking contrast of the black chairs and white table is bold and remarkable. You can easily fit up to eight dining chairs around this table, or ten slim chairs if you want to squeeze for those bigger gatherings. Our sales team can help you decide what will work best!

We hope this dining set, and all of the other sets that we feature on our website encourage you to explore your style, and figure out the materials you like. You get to decide and there are no wrong choices. We offer over 160 styles of dining chairs and over 60 styles of dining tables to choose from. It’s exciting and there is so much potential!

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