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African Safari Coffee Tables With Concrete Accessories

Enrich the style of your outdoor or indoor living space with our one-of-a-kind African Safari Coffee Tables in three separate sizes. Inspired and reminiscent of African Milk Stools, these special coffee tables offer an organic and warm vibe.

These amazing tables are made with thick and robust pieces of teak. The round tabletop has been carved and smoothed from a large teak tree. It has an extremely solid weight. Four legs have also been carved into a tapered shape and attached to the table. These tables sit low to the ground and can be used alone or in a group of three or four.

The unfinished African Safari Tables are rich with texture and have stunning visible wood grains. Each little imperfection makes them even more special. Each table is unique and has its own story to tell. These tables allow you to bring a natural and inviting feel to any space. And one of the best aspects is that the look is versatile and these tables can be styled and placed into many settings allowing you to get creative.

We love imagining them in so many different spaces. Picture a modern living space that has all white and black surfaces, then you can add these tables for the right amount of warmth. They can be the art work in an otherwise plain space. Decorate them with stark black pottery, or chunky candles. Place your favorite architectural or design coffee table book for a prime spot. Or grace them with vibrant green plants.

Or use these beautiful tables to complete your organic and eclectic living space. Go casual and earthy. Add throw pillows and blankets for a dreamy and very inviting space where friends can gather and enjoy a casual evening under the stars.

Our goal at Teak Warehouse is to inspire you to create a living space where you can relax, enjoy, and host your friends and family for parties and celebrations. We offer so much variety in styles and design that there is always something for everyone. And of course the quality is unmatched. We are proud and excited to add the African Safari Coffee Table to our catalog of stunning outdoor furniture. We offer thousands of pieces that have been carefully curated, designed and made in Italy, France, Belgium, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Teak Warehouse is open daily to the public. And don’t forget, everything arrives fully assembled, is in stock and Neptune™ cushions are free with deep seating purchases as shown on our website. Call or email us today!



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