Cafe: The Perfect Teak Folding Table and Chairs

Looking for the Perfect Teak Folding Table and chairs? The Cafe Collection is an ambient new collection available at Teak Warehouse. Ambient, because you’ve seen and experienced the best attributes of the set before many times in the market place. Eye catching because of its unique beauty.

You’ve seen it on the sidewalks in front of bistros and coffee shops in the busy bustling city of  Paris or your favorite local café just a walk up the street. It’s been so integral to the feel and ambience of the places you sipped cafe au lait, or enjoyed a nice chat with a perfect stranger. The whole collection is reminiscent of afternoons stolen away through a good cup of coffee and a classic novel. Where does the time go when you’re enjoying a carefree and comfortable moment on a chair so inviting or a table so perfect for the setting?

This collection is solid and made to last.  The entire set conveys a simple elegance that is found in timeless pieces.

The powder coated steel frames pair so nicely, in their semi-gloss silver color with the warm, even tones of the teak seating and table surfaces. This is a set of outdoor furniture that fits so well in so many places, you’ll surely feel it’s at home in your garden as much as you’ll be convinced it’s perfect in your breezeway or garden. Tight on space? Try the Cafe Collection in your Breakfast nook for a European feel that is hard to find with more mainstream pieces.

Not that you’d want to ever put these pieces in storage, but the Cafe chairs and tables do fold  in case you need to change up the look of your patio for seasonal reasons. The entire feel doesn’t only reminisce that of bustling metropolitan Europe; you just as easily find a similar style on your favorite wine tasting terrace or in front of that iconic Ice Cream parlor. The most important thing to remember is that the look and versatility are so interchangeable and the value of these pieces is so immediate, that no matter where you put them, they make perfect sense.

The Cafe Collection’s smooth, cold steel and warm, inviting teak make for a harmonious style, perfect for your garden, under your veranda, indoors in the dining area or in spaces like your terrace.

This grouping is showcased below as a set, highlighting the interplay between the beautiful powder-coated steel  and the warm cozy teak that looks great everywhere. The pieces work incredibly well  in their own combinations.

 Teak Cafe 2 seater Dining Set


1. Cafe Teak Folding Arm Chair

2. Cafe Teak Folding Side Chair

3. Cafe Round Teak Folding Table

4. Cafe Rectangle Teak Folding Table

We’ve made it our promise to always deliver perfectly built and fully assembled outdoor furniture to our valued customers. The sense of pride we get when we see our furniture, all together and in it’s new environment.  We can only imagine its the same feeling you receive your delivery.  Our furniture is always delivered using our white glove service so it’s ready to enjoy the moment you recieve it.

Each of the following pieces are part of the Cafe grouping and each has it’s own unique attributes and presence; we invite you to look closer at each piece to see how well each works for you.


Cafe Teak Folding Arm Chair

This chair is so quintessentially part of the cafe setting that you’re sure you’ve experienced its cozy ambience before. This chair is not to be forgotten, it’s got a stunning contrast between cold metal and warm teak  stunning curves that showcases both it’s big looks and slim profile.

Teak Folding Arm Chair

Cafe Teak Folding Side Chair

This teak side chair is a perfect choice for it’s open feel and tiny footprint makes it an excellent piece for seating in small spaces. Also very easy on the eye with its plain traditional simple design

Teak Folding Chair

Cafe Round Teak Folding Table

This table speaks of coffee and sandwiches.  Everything about the piece sings about its usefulness and petit good looks. The frame mates perfectly with the clean and soft feel of the teak tabletop. Rubber foot pads protect your garden or tile depending on where you choose to display this wonderful table.

Teak Folding Table

Cafe Rectangle Teak Folding Table

This teak folding table is more substantial in its surface area and provides a family of four easily with enough room to do whatever they could imagine. It’s also at home with a late night, pouring over documents or even just an enjoyable coffee for two. The rigid steel frame is softened in appearance by the soft ambience of the teak, making it an instant conversation piece.

Teak Folding Table

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