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Sun Loungers, Outdoor Chaise Lounges and Sunbeds

There is perhaps no other piece of outdoor furniture that better serves as an example of relaxation than the sun lounger. Teak Warehouse has been outfitting hotels, resorts, and other havens of relaxation for more than two decades, and offers the same high quality pieces of sun lounging furniture to all our customers, commercial and residential.
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The variety of loungers, chaises and poolside furniture that Teak Warehouse offers is spectacular. This is especially true when you consider that every piece we make is built to standards and with materials that many of our competitors deem too expensive to implement. We use only the most premium materials like A-Grade teak and 316 stainless steel (our competitors don’t use this expensive alloy of stainless steel except in special cases, where the price is increased significantly) for our lounging furniture. We build our furniture to last. We’ve got many years of reputation behind us, with many thousands of relaxation artists having spent copious amounts of time on our outdoor lounging furniture.

Poolside and Sun lounging furniture made from premium materials

Beachside, poolside, under the umbrella or simply for catching some sun, our outdoor loungers are a staple at five-star resorts the world over. We are so prevalent in this market that when you see our furniture, you’ll probably recall having seen it before on a tropical vacation somewhere, or poolside at your last vacation spot. Commercial buyers come to us for teak outdoor furniture and other outdoor furniture (take for instance our stainless steel and Batyline® chaises and loungers), because we build our outdoor furniture for heavy use and long-term relaxation. Residential and individual buyers come to us for outdoor lounging furniture because we have everything they want in a piece.

Outdoor chaises and sun specific furniture made with materials that won’t degrade in the harsh outdoor environment are some of the things Teak Warehouse are known for. Take our teak steamers and other teak furniture, made with A-Grade Teak. A-Grade teak is the highest quality teak available and comes from the very center of teak timbers. It is a premium quality material for outdoor furniture because it has a naturally occurring oil and rubber compound inside of the wood which resists all outdoor environmental concerns, including moisture, UV exposure, pests (like termites and marine borers). Teak wood is gorgeous, with tight grain and dense composition, not to mention the unique and beautiful color palette on display with natural teak. Using only A-Grade teak (as we do), we can ensure that ALL our outdoor furniture is as perfect as we want it to be. Using only A-Grade teak means you get the top available product, of an already impressive wood (teak). It is tighter in its grain than lesser teak. It is denser. A-Grade teak is better looking, and does not have inconsistency like lesser teak can sometimes have. No discoloration, no defects and no worries in the sun. Using premium center cut A-Grade teak is indicative of our commitment to the best outdoor materials in our outdoor furniture portfolio.

Teak isn’t the only material we showcase though, as we’ve found the best quality materials for different styles and different tastes. For instance our stainless steel, which offers a cool modern feel to our furniture. We use only 316 marine grade stainless steel across our entire line. This material is so proven as a quality material in the marine environment that it has become the standard for corrosion resistance for many products geared towards the marine industry. Our competitors don’t use this alloy of stainless steel. They most often use lesser grade 304 stainless steel. 304 simply doesn’t look as good (it’s not micro-electro polished nor as bright in raw form); it isn’t nearly as good for corrosion as #316, and it is not nearly as expensive as 316 marine grade stainless steel. We use this grade of stainless steel because we want you to enjoy your outdoor furniture like our outdoor lounging furniture, next to a pool, on the coast in sea-salt air environments and in places where there is a risk for corrosion. It’s not too expensive for Teak Warehouse, because we don’t need to mark up the cost to cover several middlemen (like the wholesalers and retailers). Sure, it costs us more per piece to manufacture with this steel than our competitor’s, but we still offer lounging furniture and other outdoor furniture for a lower total cost, with high-grade materials like this stainless steel. Our model is built to allow us, the manufacturer to also become the seller, direct to the consumer, from commercial buyers to the individual public. This means we can deliver the best furniture at the best prices.

We also offer poolside furniture, chaises and loungers in synthetic outdoor wicker. Furniture made with synthetic outdoor wicker is built for years and years of hard use and low maintenance. We utilize only the best quality synthetic fibers, including Viro® Rehau® and Ecolene®, each used for specialty purposes throughout our entire outdoor furniture line. These synthetic fibers enjoy the best reputations and have proven to be spectacular materials for our customers. They offer the ability to withstand wild temperature variances, they resist dirt and grime and they are tough, lightweight and beautiful. While we are very proud of our natural, sustainable teak wood furniture, we are also proud of our synthetic outdoor wicker furniture, because it’s been very impressive in the real world scenarios our customers face. These sun loungers, outdoor chaises and other outdoor wicker pieces are low maintenance (in many cases they only require a fresh water rinse to clean, and then, only every so often) and lightweight. This gives you options and makes for a perfect year round piece of outdoor furniture. If it’s there year round: it’s available for relaxation and unwinding, year round. That’s the type of mindset we want to support.

We offer these materials, because we want you to be confident that your new best friend in complete relaxation (our sun loungers) are available for many years to come, as comfortable as ever, as familiar as ever. From the cushy, springy Batyline® loungers to the solid gorgeous and comfortable teak steamers or teak chaise loungers, to the outdoor wicker lounging furniture, we are sure you will find the perfect match for your relaxation needs.

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