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Teak Dining Chairs

Teak Warehouse has the largest most spectacular portfolio of teak chairs anywhere. From teak folding chairs, to teak dining chairs to fixed chairs, Teak Warehouse has a style to suit all preferences. A teak chair is the standard for long-lasting, beautiful and versatile outdoor furniture needs. From the deck of a boat, to the occasional picnic or outdoor event, to outdoor dining every night in the summer, teak chairs are the perfect answer for so many different needs.
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Because they are made from teak, they exhibit the best in outdoor capabilities, with a natural resistance to rot and pests; water and sun, teak wood has the natural qualities that you want in a piece of furniture subjected to the harshest environmental concerns. Don’t forget that teak is prized for its gorgeous looks too. The smooth, even, grain pattern; the perfect color (a mixture of honey and wheat, golden and brown) is a hallmark of premium A-Grade teak wood. Furthermore, teak wood can be left alone to achieve a distinguished heathery grey and silver colored patina in the natural environment. It’s this beautiful controlled weathering that offers, for many, the tangible aspects of the beauty and utility of teak furniture.

Teak Chairs are the the perfect natural outdoor furniture

Teak wood develops its hallmark patina over time in the sun and outdoor moisture, but it develops essentially only skin deep. This means two very important things: it means that teak can be restored easily to its original look if you so choose. It also means that the structure and strength of the teak wood remains intact. There is no degradation to the teakwood underneath this handsome patina. There is no decline in the water resistance or pest resistance; no decline in the grain pattern or composition. Teak wood is nature’s top choice for outdoor furniture. It’s “purpose-built” to be the best choice for such items. No other natural material is better “designed” to withstand the harsh realities of outdoor environments.

Teak chairs are perfect for anything. Our customers use them on their yachts, boats and decks of all kinds. Picnics, concerts, backyard birthday parties, holidays, family gatherings: they are all enhanced by a quality teak chair. Whether its just for extra seating that can continuously be relied upon because of the quality build, or if you use it year round for outdoor dining, teak chairs are the real first choice.

Thanks to Teak Warehouse’s business model, you don’t have to overpay for the benefits of natural premium center cut A-Grade teak. Teak Warehouse is both the Designer/Manufacturer of all the outdoor furniture we offer, as well as the seller. We have effectively removed the middleman from the process and we can offer the best prices and the highest quality outdoor furniture direct to you. Furthermore, we have several value added benefits for our customers. We have an in-stock now guarantee, meaning that we don’t sell furniture we cannot deliver immediately. No more waiting for 16-24 weeks just to get your furniture built for delivery; we can ship our outdoor furniture in as soon as a day or two. We fully assemble our furniture before we send it also, so you don’t have to buy tools, navigate poor assembly instructions, or struggle over getting a piece of furniture built. We quality check and expertly finish our outdoor furniture before we send it via a White-Glove delivery service, so you get a perfect piece of furniture, without concerns that it will be sitting on the curb all day, and without risks of dinged, broken or damaged outdoor furniture. That’s why Teak Warehouse is the Outdoor Furniture leader.

Don’t forget that when it comes to outdoor furniture, we have the most robust and dedicated portfolio of outdoor specific furniture of any seller. From teak chairs, to outdoor dining furniture, to lounge furniture, relaxing chairs, and outdoor wicker furniture, we have it all. Our Teak Chair collection offers a perfect example of how seriously we take our outdoor furniture. Within the teak chair selection we have, you can find the range of what we do as a company. From the variance of styles and choice, as you can see with the many teak chairs we offer, to the quality materials (we only use premium center cut A-Grade teak wood) we use. From the selections between utilitarian teak folding chairs, to the gorgeous and versatile teak dining chairs, to the specialty teak chair offerings, you can find a perfect solution to your chair needs.

Teak chairs are part of the original product mix for Teak Warehouse. While we have grown a lot and enjoyed success in our expansion into other lines of outdoor furniture, we’ve never forgotten that we must also keep our quality at the highest level for all products. From day one, we have always taken our product quality and value-add to the customer very seriously. You can see this commitment in all of our products, but you can see the implementation of these commitments in every detail of these teak chairs, because you will find that no matter how simple a chair is, the versatility and attention to detail in these teak chairs is admirable.

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